Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 24 May 2006

The goal to purge and reduce was semi-successful since this was a big week for comics I'm sticking with.

52 Week 3
I don’t have the cajones to review this every week. Maybe every month. I did like the Black Adam - Power Girl moment and how Black Adam is basically taking on the role of Wonder Woman. I think he fits it much more naturally since he can truly stand on his own according to his own moral code. He doesn’t become a fallen hero when doing so. And the John Henry Irons scenes are great character moments introducing us to a character not everyone is familiar with. I find myself quite liking him and interested in where he’s going. The Lex Luthor mystery can go either way for me. Plus I’m sufficiently creeped out by hairy penis finger in the last panel.
I rate this story: Intriguing.

Batman #653
The return of Two-Face as per James Robinson. Talking heads done right. I loved every moment.
I rate this comic: A re-acquaintance with a long lost friend, who scars himself with acid.

The Battle for Bludhaven #4
What is it about this comic that makes me enjoy it so much? It’s got enough of a mystery going on to keep me wondering who is responsible and what is really happening. Then it’s got massive explosions and massive beat downs. Again I’m impressed with how well someone, or two someones, is handling a comic that is here to simply introduce new characters, well reimagined characters. I’m enjoying how the different factions of the battle are being handled with the unquestioning government soldiers, the honourable underground freedom fighters, the holy war sect, the Teen Titans, and the sort of in between circumstantial collaborators with the government. Firebrand is quite good and the banter of the Teen Titans is remarkably familiar to me. Not in that I’ve read the same dialogue but I get a sense that how they relate to one another it’s like they’ve always been close friends and trust one another because of each person bringing their own talents to the table. Then there’s the villains. The Nuclear Family is absolutely hilarious. This comic had my favourite dialogue this week.
I rate this comic: The Jesus juice of comics.

Bought but not read yet because of staff meeting and lunch break not being long enough:
Scott Pilgrim and the Infinite Sadness (hell yeah!)
Last Planet Standing #2
The Secret Six #1

Out this week but dropped and most likely selling the back issues this week at the Great Glebe Garage Sale: Blue Beetle and JSA: Classified. Sorry Vandal.

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