Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Comics and Life

Just a quick post today. I've been noticing a trend of posts claiming New Avengers is crap and everyone who keeps buying it should just shut the hell up about it being crap already. I have to say I agree. I skip those reviews if you're writing them. It let me down so I stopped buying it and reading it and I don't care enough about it at all to even catch a summary anymore.

I know I'm trying to make some changes in my life right now. I'm trying to be happier and simply enjoy life more (even if it means sticking to my evil plans for the summer). So what this means is I'm not going to live in fear of shit I hear on the news that simply trying to keep me home scared glued to the TV and radio. I can't watch TV anymore except the hockey playoffs and the World Cup when it starts. The commercials simply piss me off too much. If I like the story I'll get in on DVD and watch the story. Funny how TV is so much like comics and I'd rather wait for the trade there as well and go back to collections of old stuff...

So I'm not going to worry about a flu pandemic that doesn't exist, and unlike CSIS I don't have a hard-on for proving terrorists are in Canada and hate us like they hate other countries. Sorry, it doesn't scare me and you're kind of not doing your job if you're not arresting terrorists dude. And same with comics. If you don't like them, don't buy them. I find myself skipping over reviews that go on and on and on about how crap something is. Sure, if it's funny I'll read it but I'm finding it dull so you, yes you, if you're writing a review about something you hate try to make it funny or I'll be skipping it in the same way I'm skipping the comic you're reviewing.

Yes I appreciate bitchiness as much as anyone. Possibly more. But I don't have time for it regarding my reading for pleasure.

This isn't a gauntlet or anything. It may just be because it's so damned muggy here these days and I don't deal with that very well and the ac at work is shittier than a snowball fight in Hell. So do what you like I'm not going to stop you but I probably won't be reading stuff that bores me. Sorry. (pout).


The Fortress Keeper said...

I'm never quite sure why people keep buying New Avengers or any title if they hate it so much. I dropped the title right after Bendis punked out Spider-Man by having him mauled by a gang of two-bit criminals.

That said, I'm as guilty as anyone at being hostile toward concepts (i.e. the new Shazam) that do not fit in with my conception of a character.

But, if I didn't do that from time to time, what's the point of a blog? :)

joncormier said...

That seems fair. I'm trying to wait until I have the product in my hands before passing judgement on content. And yes, that doesn't stop me from making fun of covers - they're completed products afterall and some are just damned funny.