Wednesday, May 03, 2006

It's Lex Freakin' Luthor People!

Sorry, I just love the delivery of that line when I read it.

Couple of quickie links for everyone.

The CBC has a nifty piece about book blurbs - Marvel, DC, this is essential reading. A problem arises when everything is touted as "brilliant." I've mentioned before how I don't want my comics to cause me bodily harm and to leave my brain in one piece but Andre Mayer is more eloquent and "researched" than I am.

There is also a preview of Maurice Vellekoop's A Nut at the Opera in Flash.

Sean over at Snark Free Waters has a great piece about Black Bolt. I'm telling you if Marvel can make Maddrox a great mini-series they could do a great Black Bolt mini as well. I'm convinced now more than ever seeing panel after panel of uppercut goodness. He totally let's his fists do the talking and never says "I'm going to let my fists do the talking." or "Talk to the hand." or whatever you'd expect.

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