Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Road to Super-Villainy - Day 1

Last night I re-read Identity Crisis for todays post but today I find out that I am unwittingly turning into a Super-Villain. Shocking, I know. You’ve been here. You’ve read my stuff. Sometimes it’s kind of funny but more often than not it’s kind of lame and not that informative so you go read Progressive Ruin, and Double Articulation or you head for laughs at Beaucoup Kevin, The Absorbascon, or Dave’s Long Box.

Well I showed them.

I managed to kill two – TWO – whole super-heroes without even trying. In fact I kind of woke up, got some coffee, avoided getting splashed on the way into work by asshole drivers, and fired up the computer to read some blogs while I drank my coffee. Turns out I managed to kill The Thing and Manhunter.

Woo hoo! Go me!

I’m quite thrilled by this. I’ve been thinking about changing careers. My life in politics is generally dull and frustrating. I think going toe to toe with a few super powered do-goodniks will be a refreshing change. Right now I sort of deal with people who can’t really string together sentences in e-mails and generally think they can change the world by pointing out how evil and stupid I am on e-mail list-serves. Oh wait, I don’t think that’s going to change much if I enter into the world of super-villainy… well at least I have transferable experience.

Now that I’ve managed to kill off two heroes with my super-villainous powers of indifference and sarcasm I’m setting my sights on the next round of heroes.

Hit list:
The Thing - X
Manhunter - X
Firestorm: The Nuclear Man
Blue Beetle
Moon Knight
Ms. Marvel
Iron Spidey

Watch yer backs, I'm coming for you by not coming for you...huh? That's not a good catch phrase. Fuck it I'm still not buying the books.


Chris said...


I'm just sayin'.

Don't kill the Factor!

Ragnell said...

You're a meanie, and I don't know if I wanna play here anymore. *Sniff*

joncormier said...

Hey, I'm not the one who turned indifference into a superpower. I didn't CHOOSE this life, it was foisted upon me.

Chris, X-Factor just seems to be well received by the fans, so the writing is on the wall. Well received, plus I'm not buying it. It's days are numbered, sorry.

Ragnell, I was actually trying to take up the legacy of Sarcastro from The Tick.

Chris said...

Damn you, Jon Cormier.

Damn your cold, black heart.