Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Superman done right in one sentence.

I was watching JLU last week and this moment will forever stick with me as how Superman needs to be portrayed. It was one of the last episodes where Darkseid is coming to Earth. Lex Luthor shows up and suggests teaming up with the Justice League. Everyone is seen considering this while Superman has that "sh'yeah right" look. Everyone starts discussing it and Superman turns to them and says "Oh, c'mon people! It's Lex freakin' Luthor!"

Top that Mr. Morrison!

That single exasperated line shows us that Superman is "human." He gets fed up by all the other heroes trying to do be heroes all the time instead of doing the right thing all the time. They shouldn't trust Lex or the villains. Superman is the only hero who goes outside of the borders of the medium and remembers continuity then acts accordingly. Everyone else is there to accomplish whatever the story requires. Superman trancends that and is basically half way between viewer and fiction.


What's the deal? Nobody cares about my spiritual future?

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