Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday's Loot

Continuing where I left off but I'm only half way through Scott Pilgrim. I got derailed by a Bill Hicks DVD. It's shocking just how current he has suddenly become. Groundbreaking stuff there. Go rent some Bill Hicks.

Secret Six #1
This continues exactly where Villains United left off as far as great action and villainous moments are concerned. It's like when the sequel is just as good as the original. More of the same of what works without necessarily treading completely the same ground. I do quite enjoy how the "heroes" have environment specific costumes - this time they're white for the snow and the dark ones from the last mini were a great touch. Stuffed Parademon - ick. Uber-creepy Mad Hatter - ick. This truly is good stuff if a comic book can creep me out. I have to say this is just what I was looking for out of this series.
I rate this comic: Happily, just what I wanted from it.

Last Planet Standing #2
Yeah I read all those reviews last summer about how I should be reading Last Hero Standing instead of House of M. I didn't listen to them. In fact ,I read neither series. Well, I'm here to tell you all that I'm dropping Civil War but I'm keeping this one. Make of that what you will I don't really care what you read. It's fun and it really is the true spirit of Marvel crossovers. Forget about getting all huffy about how men in tights can't address real world issues since they're a corporate product and can't afford to alienate any customers so a "fair and balanced" approach is taken. This comic has freaking Galactus acting like a freaking Nazi so you know it's leading to the biggest ever Nazi punch out in Marvel history. Plus, Asgard in all it's rainbow glory and Thor with a manly beard doing manly things with a large hammer. Thor really isn't the thunder god he's the personification of the North American Suburban Male - I am a man, I use a hammer to do things because I'm a man and I will drink with other men and tell them of all the great things I've built with my hammer. I could be wrong though but I think it works. So anyway, I'm liking this comic because it's honest to goodness fun without really talking down to anyone. I see myself holding onto this series to pass along to someone with kids so someone younger can appreciate the goodness of current crossovers without getting annoyed, disturbed or bored. Oh, and it has The Gardener and The Inbetweener in it so you know those Civil War banners are actually useful now.
I rate this story: Perfect for the summer blockbuster season.

Now to finish Scott Pilgrim and come up with a post about Thor representing the suburban male. This sounds like a job for the back issue bins!

Plus Blockade Boy has Cancer. Why are these characters coming back? I thought they were lame puns or kind of silly so I made those banners to be a bit of an ass. Weird.


Blockade Boy said...

Criminy, pal, you almost gave me a heart attack! I thought maybe Waid had made me the focus of a very special issue of the new Legion comic. (Yes, I know it was an obvious pun and I should have figured it out immediately. Gimme a break. I'm handsome; I don't have to think all the time.)

joncormier said...

Heh heh, sorry. Didn't you know I'm trying to be evil now. Well for the summer at least. I'll see how it goes.