Friday, May 05, 2006

New heroics for me on the horizon

Yeah I was at Newsarama and checked out the DC previews. You know what? I'm really looking forward to Shadowpact now. I was kind of interested after the Day of Vengeance special (I had no interest in the mini-series, is it good?) but now I think it looks to be a good new book. Heck anything that mentions Hellboy is decent in my world.

Also, Firestorm. What the heck? Those few pages were great? I know people have been talking about what a fun comic it is but again I had no interest in the character. I think I'll be dropping Blue Beetle and picking up Firestorm instead. If there's a trade of the first part of the run I may be picking that up too. Someone who knows should let me know if it's really worth buying or is it more of a borrowing book? Now, I don't hate Blue Beetle but I'm not in love with the book either. Heck I dropped Jonah Hex because I get the point and don't need to read it anymore. I'm basically the prototypical comic guy. I want something, I get it and then don't like it when I do. I can live with that. I'm a consumer.

Now, I like Jonah Hex and encourage people to get it. I too may jump back on at some point but I have limited cash and want to try more things rather than get sucked into stuff pointlessly. While I enjoy the Hex stuff I'm doubtful I'd go back to it. I got what I needed from the series - some good single issues, now I want other things to entertain me. Bah, I'm confusing myself. I'll collect my thoughts and try to post this weekend, but probably only on Monday.

Go Sens! Game one v. Buffalo tonight! Woo Hoo!


Chris said...

I thought the Day of Vengeance miniseries was pretty good, actually, tho I haven't read the Newsarama preview of Shadowpact because I'm tired of buying comics that I've already read the first six pages of. :-)

joncormier said...

Yeah I know. I felt the same thing about Civil War. It was like, didn't this happen last month?

Still, in this case it worked for me. It got me interested. I'm also distracted by carrots and shiny objects, like ... looks out window...