Friday, May 05, 2006

Mice - The Internal Conflict

I'm enjoying the heck out of Mouse Guard. It takes under ten minutes to read but the art is just beautiful and the story is completely exciting. They don't need to have pages and pages of back story when you can get mice fighting snakes and crabs then advancing the story. It's the best combination of a kid's book and older comics. The format is unique but familiar to any kid in Grade 1 or a parent, the art looks like Beatrix Potter, and there isn't too much to read so you can read it to a younger person. Then each panel is crammed with enough development or action that you don't feel cheated. Sure it's a quick read but there's enough action and story development that it puts "decompressed" stories to shame. I'm also collecting this story for the son of some friends of mine. He's kind of superhero whacked at the moment so I'm going to bring him to FCBD and pass on Mouse Guard when the series is done (he'll be able to read on his own by then, I think). He'll also inherit my Showcase: Superman & Superman Family volumes and I'm going to be supplying the Tin Tin library as well. Not that this has anything to do with mice.

I love the mice in this story. They're cute and brave and simply charming. Then I get home and I'm trapping the little fuckers left and right. I've gotten two in two nights and I'm not ready to deal with an infestation - stupid 100 year old houses. Thankfully there's not been anything too horrific to clean up but I don't particularly want to "dispose" of many more dead mice whenever I wake up. At least the chewing stopped and no food has been eaten so it's not quite as traumatic as it could be - they're simply living by the water heater and under our sink (and haven't managed to get out of there yet). I'll be blocking off the sink area on Saturday and then trying to figure out what to do about them getting into the house to begin with. I tell you, they're cute but I'm really glad they're not brave and armed. They'd inherit my house.

So there's something you wanted to read today. I like a comic about mice but I'm killing them when they enter my house. Hey, I could write about how I'm a leftist leaning guy who appreciates The Punisher but then I don't read The Punisher.

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