Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Changing it up

Okay folks, it's a quarter to nine in the morning. I'm drinking coffee and reading Kevin's bloggorama (yes you need to make up a new word for blog or a group of blogs every time you type it on a blog, it's in the handbook or online help, I forget), and I notice that my buying habits of reducing may be hurt this week. Although I may fight against all temptation and NOT buy Five Fists of Science if I see it, but I have a feeling if I see it and don't get it now it'll never show up in Ottawa again and I'll be ordering it through Chapters for a significant discount and having it delivered to me at work. Oh wait that actually sounds kind of good...

I'm going to forego the regular shop this week and head down to LCS2 first. They've always had Godland and Fear Agent (until the last isssue dammit but I was just late getting there so it was gone, it still had shelf space) so I'm going to hit them first. I'll let you know how it goes. Plus Mouse Guard - hot damn, and the 3rd Seven Soldiers Trade, Woo freaking Hoo!

Yes this post is simply a reason to post. I'm trying to come up with something interesting but until then you'll just have to suffer.

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