Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 10 May 2006

52 Week 1
You will read about this everywhere else so I won’t bother going on about it too much. It’s just an intro comic and it’s just like all the other intro comics you’ve ever read. I still don’t know how Elongated Man’s life fits into the whole making comics fun again direction. I think people are wrong about that, it’s not about fun, it’s about heroics. Sometimes they need to fall to become heroic. Still, dude has it rough.
I rate this comic: The beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Battle for Bludhaven #3
This was the best issue of Civil War yet!
I rate this comic: The best issue of Civil War yet!

Firestorm: The Nuclear Man #25
I decided to give Firestorm a shot. Glad I did, it was a good read. I like the whole contrast of the ice villains and the fire hero. I don’t particularly take to the direction Mr. Freeze seems to be going recently but that’s probably because I’m still going through the animated Batman series DVDs where he’s a sympathetic villain. There’s a decent asshole Batman moment in here but done really cleverly like those double entendres in kids movies. There’s themed villains, someone trying to destroy the sun, puns and a guest hero to compliment the guest villain. Then there’s as much meta-textual jokes and writing as there is straight up heroing. But it ended and I was reminded of why comics started as disposable entertainment. It was done in one and I don’t feel the need to buy it again. That’s satisfying and I’ll probably buy it again when there’s a story that interests me.
I rate this comic: A good comic, I’m glad I read it but I probably won’t buy it again unless I feel like it.

Lions, Tigers and Bears 2 #2
I love the animated feel of this book. The bright colours the bold character designs. I even like the ideas in the story. Hell, they riff on Star Wars and the whole, tapping into the elements of legends that have always worked. Then why am I finding this a bit unsatisfying. I can’t explain it. It’s all very good but there still feels like there’s something missing. I have a feeling these would simply read better as a collection. Like Mouse Guard, these books are great for the younger reader with enough plot and character to keep any reader interested – although I think it would read better if you had less life experience.
I rate this comic: Perfect for the young reader.

Last Planet Standing #1
I missed out on Last Hero Standing and I am now kicking my own ass for that. This comic was freaking brilliant! Marvel is so much better when they just go balls to the walls hero fun. Yeah it’s not relevant to anything but the characters and the plot all fit within the world created for them. The dialogue works and your not beaten over the head with any text – although the pictures themselves have a lot of people beating each other over the head with a lot of things. I love how the writers said “to hell with continuity, lets use the characters we want to use.” You’ve heard about it from everyone else and it’s actually true – the Spider-Girl series is the comics you remember created for today. It’s plain old fun which was exactly what I needed to counter all the other comics claiming to be fun. If a gun was put to my head and I had to decide between this and Civil War, bye bye Civil War.
I rate this story: Why the hell haven’t I bought Spider-Girl before? I’m an idiot! Then again too much simple fun gets tired after a while.

Also bought Detective Comics #818 reprint. Yay, I can now read the rest of this arc up to this point. About damned time.

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