Monday, May 08, 2006

Free Comic Re-Cap

I'm going to do something unique today - I'm going to write this post before I even look at my site or anyone else's.... here goes.

I decided on Saturday to take along my favourite 4 year old to get some free comics. I've know this kid since he was a year old and he's recently become uber-obsessed with Spider-man and comics in general. He can't read yet though but his slightly older cousins showed him Spider-man and Spider-man 2. Voila! Obsession. He's been telling his mom that he wants to write Spider-man a letter and his mom keeps trying to tell him Spider-man is make believe. He answers with "Well, I bet Jon knows where he lives." Me and A. were at their place the weekend before last and he asked me so I answered "New York City." I got stares but I figured if he writes to Santa Claus why not Spider-man. I'll send his letter to Marvel or the local comic shop or something. I figured if writing a letter gets him writing and not watching TV then it should be encouraged. I appreciate good penmanship. Needless to say I had to inform him about the non-reality of Spider-man but this was a good thing since it means he could make up his own stories (and yes he could still write him a letter).

This all leads to my favourite moment of Free Comic Book Day. I was driving him home and he was in the back seat playing with his free Wolverine Heroclix figure. He asked who he was and I explained the whole, metal bones, claws and fast healing bits. Then this conversation followed:

Me: So he has super-smelling. He can smell like a dog (pun unintended), and he can see like and Eagle, and um, hear like a cat. Plus, he's Canadian.

Kid: Like a Canada Goose?!

Me: Exactly like a Canada Goose. And just like you.

Kid: I'm not a Canada Goose.

Me: No but you're Canadian.

Kid: I am?


Second favourite moment:
Kid: I want a Spider-man, but not a bad Spider-man.

Me: Then let's go look in the back for an action figure.


So needless to say I ended up asking for help to find a good Spider-man action figure. I was in the only comic shop that didn't have a Spider-man in his normal costume. We got a watergun Spider-man which is almost regular Spidey but with a pale blue instead of the regular blue.

We also went to two comic shops. The first one I was sure would be the best since it's more open and brighter with a very large FCBD poster in the front. It was crap. It was like nobody wanted to be there and they had a few comics stacked in the back. We grabbed them and split after our initial exploration.

The second shop is really a model of what you think of when you think of a comic shop. The windows in front are painted with Batman or V from Vendetta or some melange of heroes and villains. It's dark and grey and I can't get Godland or even Fear Agent there. But damn did they ever go all out for FCBD. Their selection was miles beyond the other place (except they were out of Free Scott Pilgrim *sob*) and they even had some of last years books and random other promo materials. Although their Spider-man action figure selection is lacking of good Spider-men, apparently. They had to cancel the bbq because it was pouring rain but they really made a day out of it. I think their entire staff was there helping out and were all happy to be there with smiles on their faces and chit-chatting with everyone. It was just nice to be there and get last year's Uncle Scrooge issue and a copy of Owly (the kid got Owly, I got Uncle Scrooge in the end).

It was fun in the end, I just hope I haven't warped the mind of this poor kid more into thinking comics are always free for the taking.

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