Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 22 March 2006

Batman #651
Things are continuing along nicely in James Robinson’s Batman arc. I was sort of unsure about it as Batman and Robin were simply exploring a skyscraper then it stopped and had a classic Poison Ivy sequence. This is they type of Ivy I like – eco-terrorist more than horrible villain. I felt the exploring-action sequence was effective in showing us the inherent difference between Batman and Robin. The stoic man and the light-hearted but probably unsure and a bit scared young apprentice. I do like the master and apprentice take on the dynamic duo. I was all thinking “great things are flowing towards something akin to the animated series” when Blam! Violent ending. It’s not atrocious, but it’s not “lighthearted” either. This continues to be the type of Batman story I like, even if it could have been compressed into one issue I don’t feel cheated. I also realized that this story arc is called Face the Face – cool.
I rate this story: Pure Batman and riding the razor’s edge of good and bad Batman comic storytelling.

Iron Man: The Inevitable #4
This series is continuing along nicely although I sort of had a feeling of deja-vu when I cracked the spine on this one. I like the pink art. It’s so unusual in superhero books that it’s great this team is using it so effectively. Again, this was going along nicely and took a turn for the disturbing – but not raping and decapitating people disturbing just Wolverine in his underwear with a picture of himself on the underwear disturbing. What are they implying – Wolverine’s a dick. Yeah, I got that memo in the eighties.
I rate this story: A real nice story – if you aren’t getting it, it’ll be worth the trade so far.

The Incredible Hulk #93
Planet Hulk is Gladiator. If you like Gladiator and sci-fi you will probably like this. If you like the Hulk it should also help. Although there were a few random jumps in the plot and I wish the Hulk didn’t speak in full sentences. He should be all “Hulk Smash” not “You want a sandwich?”
I rate this story: Decent but I’m undecided on whether or not to continue buying it.

Sgt. Rock: The Prophecy #3
I keep thinking I won’t buy this, then I do. Then I read the first page and think, why did I buy this? Then I get to the end and can’t wait for the next issue. It does a good job of showing the sparseness, surreally stark atmosphere of the Eastern Front and is going to some nasty places really soon. It is showing the more intimate side of the WW2 conflict.
I rate this story: Worth the asking price and probably better in single issues than the eventual trade unless there are some kick-ass extras.

Not appearing in the quick review because my lunch hour ended: JSA Classified and the 2nd Seven Soldiers trade - yeah yeah I didn't jump on the gravy boat when it started so I'm sitting on my arse waiting for the trades of this Morrison internet lovefest.

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