Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Comics on the radio

Last night I heard All In a Day interview Tom Fowler and Jeff Parker about Mysterius the Unfathomable (aka yet another comic I forgot about but am now reminded to get but is in good company). It's always so nice to catch a bit of my nerdly leanings on the "normal" media. Not just because it's something I like being talked about but because when two guys like this who are personable and clearly having fun doing something they love, it gets me all excited about comics again. It reminds me of their charm and joy along with the fact that with the internet I can simply avoid crap comics now and continue to focus on stuff I enjoy or am more likely to enjoy.

It made my day and I hope I can sneak out of the office long enough to get a copy of the trade and get it signed by Tom on St. Paddy's day (or as I like to call it "Invent an Irish Relative Day" - my great great grandfather's cousin once had an Irish setter which is why I speak with this outrageously mangled Irish accent).