Thursday, March 16, 2006


After reading this post on 2 Guys Buying Comics I think you will all have to refer to me as Viper from now on. Read the page 173 outtake. Skip to the last paragraph of that outtake if you’re extra lazy with the reading.

As per Brian Cronin’s post, I’ve got five “I’ds of March” about comics and one about the blog. Some you’ve read before some may be new to you.

I’d keep Juggernaut as an X-villain.
He’s just better when he’s being mean and punchy and could take on the whole team at once. There were some good bits with Black Tom and that fish kid but he should have remained a bad guy. It would have made him a better villain. Giving characters more depth does not equal becoming a member of the X-men. (Unless we’re talking about the X-men comics, obviously).

I’d never call something changed “new”
I would just call the New Avengers “The Avengers.” I mean cripes, lineups change, we get it, we can live with it. Change the direction, the members, whatever - why the lame name change? It’s unnecessary. Eventually they won’t be new, and they’re barely Avengers as it is. I cry foul! What’s next “New Defenders, New Excalibur, New Eternals, New Inhumans, New Fantastic Four, New X-Force, New Spiderman?”

I’d have kept Ted Kord around
Yeah yeah I know all the sides to this argument but he was a good character that was wasted. I wouldn’t have given him his own series but he should have been either a backup or a team member in something. He could be guest star in Birds of Prey or the JLA. I’m indifferent to the new Blue Beetle because it seems like an Iron Man knockoff but I’m also intrigued by the book that looks like the soul mate to Spider-Girl.

I’d have Jimmy Olsen backup stories in All-Star Superman
I think he’s going to be in the actual comic proper soon, but if Morrison really does love the campy silver age stuff why isn’t there Olsen backup stories? He’ll never get his own series again so where else can we get doses of Jimmy Olsen randomly transforming himself or recklessly endangering others on a regular basis?

I’d focus Detective Comics on detecting and Action Comics on action
I’ve said this before and I’m repeating it here. Batman and Superman both have multiple titles so lets use them to focus on different aspects of their characters. Action comics doesn’t need to be punch up after explosion after punch up but it could work as the main theme the same way detecting works for a Batman theme.

I’d try to post more actual content
I started this hoping to have a place to examine, criticize, explore, create and possibly even inform but it’s turned into something quite different. Apparently it takes a lot of time to write 300 words of informed interpretation (I should have remembered that). This is time I just don’t seem to have anymore, what with the job, looking for work, planning a wedding, being newly introduced and addicted to Buffy the Vampire Slayer on DVD, and generally having a life. I’m hoping to refocus and jump back into things a bit more whole heartedly instead of making poo jokes about Marvel covers – then again it’s hard to resist a good poo joke.

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