Thursday, March 09, 2006

North South Divide

I just read Dave's last post and it got me thinking... (which is sometimes good, sometimes boring).

On Oscar night I turned to Allison and said "Crash will win best picture. Americans like movies about themselves. And really, this movies is just The Simpsons only they use the stereotypes for drama instead of comedy." Little did I know it was written by a Canadian. I guess it takes an outsider's eye to get to the core of what works and what is actually there underlying public sentiment.

What do we Canadians get in return? American writers giving us Alpha Flight. This can be the evil twin to what I said above. Sometimes outsider's eyes only remain that way and they present their vision of what things are without understanding or getting to the core of what is there.

Then again the old Alpha Flight might be good. I've read precious little of it. The new one should have been called Alpha Slight because I don't think it was good for anyone with the ability to read.

Plus we can actually get away with stuff like this:

Auctioning off the leadership to the Liberal Party of Canada on e-Bay.

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