Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Rumpy Bumpy Info-Dumpy.

This is where I link to a bunch of stuff you already read.

According to Dave I need to punch myself in the throat seeing as I don't have many friends who A) read comics or B) like Kraven. I guess B is sort of redundant.

Greg has a great post about Frank Miller as a fascist writer. He does a really good analysis around some of the guys work. I haven't read too much Miller but I've read enough to agree with what's written here. I've expressed my apprehension over The Book That Shall Not Be Named.

Non-pal Dorian has some One Year Later spoilers. One made up word - Nymphomercial. (Hey I don't know the guy so I can't claim to be his friend like the rest of the comic blogmongers out there).

Plok has a challenge for the comic blogmongers that I'm completely unqualified for.

Oh yeah, and is anyone else wondering if Hawkgirl has anti-gravity boobs? I know the principles of hot-air balloons, but that's taking comic book science to a new low or height depending on you point of view. And shouldn't she maybe wear a bra with all that flying and loop-de-loops and whatnot? I guess it's just cold up there in the atmosphere.

And there seems to be a decent haul coming out today. Hopefully they'll all be available at the local comic shop although I've been having trouble getting Fear Agent and Godland at the one I frequent during the lunch break. Hey, it's two doors down. Plus I'm hoping to get the last issue of Iron Man: The Inevitable if it really did come out last week. I never know anymore and I refuse to take a subscription. Yeah yeah, I know. And I think it's become the new meme to take a break from blogging. I won't be though. Where else would you read this meaningless hooey?

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