Wednesday, March 15, 2006

PD Days

Like all other bloggers I've participated in the time honoured "stop posting without any explanation" days. You know who I mean, that guy with a blog who like disappeared or just started posting cats, or that woman's blog that changed templates a few times and now has pictures of her cat. I haven't posted the cat yet.

I haven’t taken time off since the election and I have 20 days worth of overtime on top of my vacation days so I’m using it before I’m losing it. I was at home reading and creating civilizations – damn you Sid Meier! I could have been working on a cure for childhood diabetes! Ah, who am I kidding, I’m not even very good at Civilization IV.

Five days away from comics. I read some actual fiction. The black and white – words only kind. I’m reading Dune because I’ve never read it and don’t want to hand in my geek card just yet. It’s odd to be reading about jihads and the responsibility of the leader who has combined spirituality with warfare. I bet that sentence got this blog put on a list. Hopefully traffic will go up (not that there’s much to read at the moment). Let’s try for a few other words that’ll get me blacklisted. C4. Crossing the Canadian border. Holy war. Pipe bomb. Exploding shoes. Bag of kerosene.

Needless to say I came up with a few ideas for posts in my time off. I think it may start next week when I’ll do a theme week called “Things on my bookshelf.” It’ll start with a few good posts (three if you’re lucky) then turn into me phoning it in and describing the look of the book or the plot or the shape of the object since I don’t just have books on my bookshelf. So look for that if you’re still reading and not comatose yet.

Even though I didn’t read any actual comics I was thinking about Superman. I have the Showcase Presents Superman collection – finally! I didn’t actually get to it yet but I was thinking that if he can squeeze coal into a diamond he could probably squeeze any living being into a diamond. I mean, coal is petroleum, which used to be living creatures a long time ago that were buried and compressed into oil then coal right? So it’s a good thing they didn’t make Superman a cat-hater or a dog catcher. But they should make him an exterminator so he could crush cockroaches or silverfish into diamonds and destroy a few economic systems while he’s at it.

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