Thursday, November 30, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day Five - The Outsiders

Yes, The Outsiders, because let's face it - I couldn't do any worse.

Tomorrow I'll have some actual content that isn't so snarky. Sorry to whoever is actually writing The Outsiders these days. You are a nice person and you have more talent in your toenail clippings than I have in my entire being.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 29 November 2006

52 Week 30
The Batman is dead. Long live Batman. Plus a nicely self-aware Nightwing and Robin with a Metal Men backup.
I rate this comic: Good stuff.

Yes I know I should have bought the Spirit and Batman crossover but I'm not in the mood to spend that much money on a comic. I'm saving for X-mas gifts.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day Four - X-Axis

X- Axis

I noticed I haven't mentioned any Marvel ideas and to be honest I'm only buying Agents of Atlas these days so I'm a bit out of the idea loop.

This is probably the easiest idea I came up with. Well, I saw the name on some other blog that I can’t recall, but still. It’s about the X-men villains and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants in particular. All that this book requires is that I’d get a copy of the X-men script from whoever was writing it and I’d rewrite the story from the villain point of view.

That’s it. Villain point of view for every single X-men issue. I'd make millions. Millions I say.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day Three - Nightwing

Okay, seems like Comics I'd Write for Cheap Week was only 2 days last week because of my days off and job interviews and stuff. Fingers crossed. I could actually be happily employed elsewhere which means better posting here.

On with the post!

I’m taking Nightwing because of the whole “he’s crap and I know how to fix/kill him vibe that’s going around the net these days.” Yeah, he was supposed to die but didn’t. Whatever.

A while back I think I sort of mentioned how I’d fix Nightwing but I’m too lazy to search through my own files so I’ll probably repeat myself a bit. My first idea was to try and re-establish him in Gotham. Bring Blockbuster back into the picture and go the whole “gangster war” route with him. Blockbuster and Penguin are trying to rule the streets maybe? And there’s Nightwing beating up people – but in a light hearted sort of way. I’d cut his hair and only have him pout when Batman points at him and says “NO!” Otherwise, no more emo bullshit. It’s been done. It’s time he sucked it up and became a man with a plan.

I think this may be happening in the title, but I’m also just making it up. Did, The Monitor show up and tell him he was supposed to be dead? If so, I think that’s a great idea. I think Nightwing should be picked up and thrown to the alternate reality dogs. In fact, I like that term a lot and they’d be villains even if that idea seems to have remained in my subconscious from the days I read Excalibur and those chrome dogs chases that phoenix chick around.

I think the one thing Nightwing is missing is more exposure. I’d like to see him become DC’s version of Wolverine. There should be like Nightwing month or something where he guest stars in every single title – even the Vertigo ones because he is hit by the “Split Infinities Ray” and is sent to every existing reality at once.

My other idea was to have Connor Hawk show up a whole bunch so they could hang out. Kind of like Iggy Pop and David Bowie, but Connor seems to be busy these days what with the JLA and all. Actually that could be fun. Connor shows up but is basically too busy being called away by the JLA to really help Nightwing. They’d be chilling at the Bat and Arrow Pub to watch some hockey and Connor would be called away to fight Gorilla Grodd or Starro. They’d be on a stake out and Connor would be beamed aboard the satellite because of an emergency backup response system. Fun stuff.

But then it hit me. Nightwing doesn’t need to be a well adjusted adult who is just hitting 30 and helps Robin and Batman from time to time. He needs to be the guy who adopts Rex the Wonderdog. And slowly, the book can become more and more about Nightwing being captured and Rex rescuing him until Nightwing doesn’t even appear anymore for issues on end until everyone forgets about him and the internet stops its bitching for ever and ever.

That would be awesome.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thursday's Loot - 23 November 2006

52 Week 29
A great play on the JSA JLA Thanksgiving issues opens up this week of 52 and it quickly turns into Mark Waid’s rehash of Kingdom Come only mutated to fit the Everyman Project. I am liking the fact that there is a bold Luthor plot as one of the main parts of 52. It wouldn’t really be the DCU without that would it? And Wildcat putting his mitts on the table – brilliant. Then Mad Scientist a go-go with an homage to The Life of Brian.
I rate this comic: Another solid issue of 52.

Godland #14
I liked this comic from the moment it said “The atmosphere is thick with scheming beauty.” And the phallic missile plot to hit the egg centre of the Earth was quick fun as well. Then the rest of the issue feels a lot like a setup for future plots. Not the best issue of Godland I’ve read but still a good comic overall.
I rate this comic: Best mention of Superman Returns in comics.

Kirby Meme

Naturally, I can't seem to post images today (when I want to) so follow the links for the images.

I was tagged by Plok a while back on the Jack Kirby Character Design Meme and didn’t realize it. Sorry Plok, I didn’t read your blog for a while, I’ve been off the net, kind of – well reading it anyway. I was out of the office yesterday and away from my computer for most of it so no update yet on comics I'd write cheaply (I know you're all waiting on tenderhooks for that) and I didn't even get to the shop to make a purchase. That probably means I'll miss out on Godland.

I’m not all too sure what to do since my knowledge of comic book history is, shady, at best but non-existent is more appropriate. Which is sort of what I’ve been working to remedy with the help of the public library and my own hard earned cash. Sure I won’t be collecting old issues or anything but with the collections out there I’m reading a lot of stuff I normally wouldn’t pick up if I had to pay collector’s prices for them.

Anyway, I looked up a bit of online Kirby history and I fired up Freedom Force on my PC again to get in the mood. So far Doom, Thing and Silver Surfer have been covered. All great choices in themselves for the reasons stated – inhuman pathos, pride and power, and the streamlined stylized human form.

I wasn’t honestly sure which way to go here with Kirby. I do think that his more garish, throw everything at a character’s costume design is more emblematic of Kirby’s approach to comics in general. I love Omac’s Mohawk (Mohican to you Brits out there) and Black Bolt’s tuning fork field goal setup, but RAB covered him already. I would normally go for Black Bolt because he’s a badass who wants you to make fun of that accessory – but that’s not exactly a comment on his design per se.

There’s the excesses of the entire Fourth World costumes, Galactus, MODOK, and Thor that get countered by the simple jumpsuits of the Challengers of the Unknown, the protohuman abstract of the Silver Surfer and Kamandi as, basically, Thor in his blue fur underpants. I’m also a fan of Captain America being the living embodiment of the American Flag with his warrior’s winged helm – yes it’s a bit gaudy but so is the source material, sorry. Happy Thanksgiving down there by the way.

So what is all this rambling about anyway? Well it’s me saying I found it hard to choose between 3 real contenders. As much as I wanted to go for the emblematic Kirby flourishes I was drawn towards his simpler approach. In other words I tried to find his Revolver instead of his Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

With that I looked at the original X-men. Yeah they’re a bit goofy but they’re also very eye-catching. To me they use old school colouring techniques to their highest with bold contrasting colours draped over different human forms. They look like three character studies – man, woman, hulking man body types that have become the staple of every single superhero creation screen in video games. But they weren’t my choice.

Neither was Devil Dinosaur. I love the look of Devil Dinosaur. I mean it’s a Tyranosaurus but it’s bright red. It just embodies mean, rip you a-twain chompy stompy comic book goodness. Plus he’s always jumping which I’m pretty sure a T-Rex couldn’t do but who cares. He’s mean and totally inhuman in the same way Etrigan embodied the same aspects in a more human form.

Nope, in the end I went with Kirby’s creation that is having the most successful revival these days. Machine Man. Look at him. He’s essentially one colour with a few contour lines that allow the character to divide, extend or have any other deus ex machina apparatus at the main points of figure articulation. Like the Silver Surfer he’s been streamlined which reflects his robotic nature and those freaky bug-eyes keep him from being too visibly human. Not only in their bug-eyed look but in the fact that they clash horribly with the main color of the character. Now, all that streamlining to one side what is it about the character that really makes him stand out for me? It is the fact that all this streamlining allows Kirby to showcase his approach to art through the character. Because the character is a robot with random points of extension, we’re constantly allowed to see the comic in Kirby-rama perspectovision.

So I’ll tag Kevin and Mr. Sterling, if they’re feeling generous, because I know Kevin is a devout Kirby follower and Sterling has a much more encyclopedic knowledge of comics than I’ll ever have. I’ll also tag Kalinara because I really like her perspective and sense of humour.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Cormier, Jon Cormier

I saw the new Bond movie last night. It was one X-ray eyeball short of being perfect.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day Two - The Marvel Family

The Marvel Family

Okay, this is really my least thought out idea of those I’ll present this week. I figured it’s best to just sort of get it out now instead of waiting all week for inspiration and then disappointing everyone with a BIG Friday reveal that is essentially – crap.

Forget Earth’s Mightiest Mortal, let’s focus on his family. That ragtag group of individuals that are generational and gender derivatives of the big red cheese. They need to be aware of their place in the DCU and know that they’re essentially derivative of Cpt. Marvel. And that’s what a lot of people forget. He isn’t Shazam, he’s Captain Marvel. So let’s make this group of people military brats with the Wizard Shazam as their mystical Charlie.

They can move from place to place across America and the world just like a military family being relocated and transferred from base to base. What’s the reason? They can be the core DCU version of John Constantine. Yes, I know there’s the Shadowpact but this is more about the “solving problems by applying brute force repeatedly” approach to mystical incidents. Plus time traveling and space travel. Why? Because I can.

This book should be aimed at a slightly younger audience and be a slightly veiled comic book substitute of a Geography textbook that explores local myths and legends. Again, I think it should be a done in one single issue approach with cartoony goodness and bright colours. I guess they’re my Mighty Scooby Gang in many ways – but with less haunted theme parks.

As for the cast, it should be Captain Marvel if he’s available but definitely Mary Marvel, Cpt. Marvel Junior, and Uncle Marvel with a few guest stars along the way like Spy Smasher and Mr. Tawky Tawny – only more of a Tellos or Thundercats looking type of guy instead of cartoon tiger in a zoot suit.

What would some of their adventures be like you ask? Let’s brainstorm:

1 – Because every first issue needs a guest star they’d go to Gotham for Halloween and the Solomon Grundy story. Guess who would guess star? Everyone’s favorite hero – Robin!
2 – Off to the deserts of America where there are stories of coyotes with mythical trickster powers – turns out it’s Dr. Sivana and his animal men.
3 – They go up to Washington state to deal with Big Foot who has been terrifying campers.
4 – Up to Alaska where Inuit legends are coming to life around the northern communities – turns out it was a dismantled Mr. Atom who is being unearthed and reassembled by The Red Crusher as a neo-soviet attack robot to house The Great Red Brain and the radiation is affecting people’s imaginations.
5 – They go to Norway or somewhere in Scandinavia to deal with a ghost Viking longboat. Turns out it’s King Kull.
6 – In this issue they try to solve the mystery of the mummy in Egypt but also have to deal with Black Adam.
7 – They meet up with Mr. Tawky Tawny somewhere in generic “Africa” and deal with Anansi the Spider plus third world politics.
8 – To England where they deal with high tech highwaymen or maybe the Loch Ness Monster.
9 – They go to China to deal with the mad Coy Fish Dragon which is burning a swathe through the countryside and they’re forced to team up with Black Alice.
10 – To the Swamps of Louisiana where they deal with some hoodoo voodoo and meet Swamp Thing and they agree water pollution is bad.
11 – Off to Transylvania to deal with vampires.
12 – Big meet up with Black Adam and Dr. Sivana as they investigate the case of The Mummers in Newfoundland.

Like I said, this is my mighty mystical version of Scooby-Doo and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I need to give a shout out to Marvel Family where I pretty much just looked at their list of characters and threw them into my “plot ideas” regardless of whether or not I may be “right.”

Monday, November 20, 2006

Comics I'd Write for Cheap - Day one - The Brave and The Bold

This week I've decided will be brainstorming week where I tell you about comics I'd write, not for free, but for a low pay scale. Other people, more passionate than I have offered to write stuff for free, but I'm now a married man so I gotta get paid. Sorry I won't link to you if you've written something on your blog that you'd write for free because I don't want to miss anyone accidentally. Or I can't remember who did this already and I'm too lazy to find out - just mention it in the comments or something.

Brave and the Bold

I’m calling this book, The Brave and the Bold because it’s a heritage title and works with the characters. I wouldn’t make it an ever-changing team up book like it used to be because let’s face it they’d have about 4 team ups a year in these days of decompressed stories. And that’s assuming it stays of schedule. Not me. I’d make this book about Batwoman and Renee Montoya’s version of The Question. I'm predicting here, obviously. And as many single issue stories as possible.

No it wouldn’t be a lesbians on ecstasy book. In fact I’d make their relationship more like Elaine and Jerry’s relationship from Seinfeld instead of Ross and Rachel from Friends. The whole one hero loves the other who doesn’t love her back shtick has been done. Not here. Here there’d only be the occasional awkward mention when someone like Superman asks them how they met and they’d have to explain they used to date and that no, it’s not weird to work together and be friends. So, adult and normal instead of painfully cliched.

The big question would be why would Gotham need another dynamic duo – in addition to the Birds of Prey? The Birds of Prey are in Gotham right? I should probably read that book at some point, right? Well, it’s simple really. They’d be the Gotham version of the Green Lantern/Green Arrow team up dealing with timely issues. You know, things like environmental politics or low voter turn out for the municipal election – with kicks to the face at a premium.

They could deal with the ex-Batman villains and the occasional top billing villain who is a Gotham staple or just visiting. While Batman fights in the shadows against the core corruption at the heart of Gotham, these heroes would essentially protect Gotham’s borders. They’d be the minutemen of Gotham, without the current hatred of Mexico you see on those news stories of old white guys watching a fence in the desert. I’d keep them on as protection against Intergang and their efforts to rebuild. I like the idea of Intergang and these two staying on basically to thwart them.

Who could they fight?

Well, let’s brainstorm. Just off the top of my head I’d do the following issues:
1 - Intergang imports a Rocket Red suit, and it’s used for evil – they fight it.
2 - Intergang tries to obtain the Spear of Destiny – it’s a fake or some other macguffin.
3 - The War-Brides come to blow shit up – they get foiled.
4 - That plant man from Detective Comics shows up – the one that Paul Dini just created that was trying to kill Poison Ivy because she’s evil.
5 - They team up with Birds of Prey to bring down, I don’t know, let’s say, Bizarro Superman.
6 - They beat up pimps for like 22 pages solid.
7 - The Phantom Stranger shows up and they need to fight some demons and other crazy stuff because someone used the dark arts irresponsibly – like drugs or some other thinly veiled message.
8 - They fight Robot Devil – because I just saw that episode of Angel with the Luchadores and I love the idea of the Devil’s robot – but this would just be a robot that looks like the devil – it has flamethrowers.
9 - Intergang unleashes a new designer drug so the heroes can get all preachy.
10 - They track a shipment of Kryptonite to Metropolis in an attempt to save Superman from certain doom – Batman helps.
11 - Captain Cold comes to town and Mr. Freeze doesn’t take kindly to it - also Icicle shows up.
12 - Because Chris’s idea blew my mind, they’d fight The Karate Shark.

And there is a list of 12 single issues for a year. I’d just, you know, have to actually write them or arrange for a presentation at an elementary school where I talk about how cool my job is as a comic book writer and suggest an exercise for writing stories and steal the work of the children.

I could set up a few of these in each previous comic so there are a few continuation threads playing along. And I could add some random dude to each comic like how Hitchcock would show up in each of his movies.

Tune in tomorrow to see what else I’d write – cheaply. I mean, besides this content.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Helping Kevin

Because I don't really have anything to post today after yesterday's bout with mysterious alien influenza I'm helping out Kevin with a random panel meme. Go grab your own copy and get your photoshop on.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 15 November 2006

52 Week 28
More space adventure but it seemed a bit confused to me. Also looking like a new Question will appear soon which feels unnecessary to me.
I rate this comic: Still coming out weekly.

I also read Grant Morrison's Seaguy last night. It's pretty fucked up. If you like the insane wacked out version of Morrison's writing then this book is for you. It's bright, it's funny, it's weird and depressing all mixed into one ball of genuine insanity.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Maybe I'm just dense...

...but I read Kingdom Come this weekend and, honestly, I don't see what the big fricken deal is. Seriously. It was dull, boring, I would even venture. I did like the older version of Superman with the black in the S-shield, but the rest was just sort of confusing and generally lost on me.

After looking at the very last page where the different group-shot covers are listed with who and what the characters are I think I figured this one out. It's like Saturday Night Live when I was in middle school. You stayed up late (I was an hour behind so it was on at midnight) watched it and didn't find it all that funny, but Monday morning we'd sit around and recap it and all laugh our asses off.

I think this story is simply better when related second hand. I bet it was an easy sell because trying to describe it and relate it to someone makes it sound like a good story. But the actual story isn't exactly good - well to me at least.

On a better note - Dungeon Twighlight, Vol 1 was awesome, as was Hellblazer: Rare Cuts.

Then again, I couldn't make it past a few pages of Julie Doucet's My Most Secret Desire or Daniel Clowes Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron. I just can't read stuff that is very obvious but thinks it is something deeper - or maybe the joke was just lost on me. If you want to laugh at me for not being smart enough to get those books go ahead because I'll laugh at you for being a wanker. I like my obvious books with a heaping helping of entertainment thank you very much.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 8 November 2006

52 Week 27
Ralph sort of gets his vengeance on then self-flagellates while we are pretty much hand fed the fact that Batwoman is important. I actually like how Ralph and Dr. Fate’s helmet are the new Booster Gold and Skeets, only more emo for the new generation. I’m still waiting to see whether or not Renee becomes the new Question, which I could live with but see as a bit unnecessary at the moment. Whatever, I can swing with it.
I rate this comic: Back to the “setting things up” week.

Batman #658
This issue starts with the line “It’s not about the flying bat-ninjas” but I have to say, it is EXACTLY about the flying bat-ninjas. I have a co-worker who says it’s never a complete evil plan without flying monkeys. But I have to say it is a totally awesome plan with flying bat-ninjas. There are some additional explosions and the promise of a Joker story next issue. The end.
I rate this comic: Your monthly helping of ninja man-bats.

Action Philosophers #7
Some of the missing Greek philosophers appear in this issue.
I rate this comic: Extremely worth your while.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Which reminds me about this time...

Okay, I'm about to go all "bad stand up comic" on you. Or possibly bad social critic. Sorry, no comics today. Haven't read many recently but tomorrow's Wednesday so that should change.

I'm going to mention how I don't like certain elements of society. I feel they lower our collective IQ and general happiness index quotients.

I'm talking about people who are in-fucking-capable of ordering a coffee and paying for it in under ten minutes. It's ridiculous. Seriously. There should be gated communities for people who need to dig through various items of clothing for a couple of bucks and then have to pay for their coffee with a bank card and then search their being for their "free coffee" punch card.

I swear to god I heard this today while waiting in an ever increasing coffee line. Yes, we were all relatively irritable. "Oh, um I don't have any money, I'll just run out to my car for a minute, it's only 3 blocks away." My response - "No coffee for you! Go to the back of the line." Idiots!

Just once I'm sure I'll see the Eddie Izzard moment of "Can I pay in string? Just a moment then, it's wrapped around my body."

Seriously, how bloody self involved do you have to be to take that long to order a hot beverage in a paper cup? Don't you realize there are others waiting for coffee too? I try to be as quick as I can because I know other people don't want to hear my life story as told to a coffee clerk, hear about any sort of ailment I may have or about how I like hot water mixed with two separate coffees then foamed up with skim milk and that I usually get that for half price because of the water in it.

Gaaaaah! I don't know what it is that makes people into rude arseholes like this? Is it the suburbs? I think it's the suburbs and that they spend too much time isolated in their suburbs and in their cars during their commutes. This leads to them being incapable of taking part in a shared society.

These coffee illiterate are about to overtake Mel Gibson and "people who come into work sick" on my shit list.

Please post your own shit list in the comments section. Mine is so far:
Sweden* - because of Ikea not having all the parts to a bed I purchased for over 3 months, Ace of Base and the generally being better at hockey than Canada these days.
Air Canada - monopolies suck.
Mel Gibson - I won't even watch Braveheart anymore, and I loved that movie - anti-semite bastard.
People who come in sick to work - yeah, I think we can get someone else to sit at your desk and avoid answering the phone.
People who can't pay for their coffee in under two minutes
Cranky Bus Drivers
White Suburban Complainers
Self Righteous Environmentalists
Anyone who goes into detail about their car, stereo, tv, etc.

*Actually I don't have a problem with Sweden ever since they got that bikini team.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Hellblazer: All His Engines

I totally meant to have a review for this book up on Halloween, but I'm sort of like a deer these days. Distracted by bright shiney objects and feeling like I've been hit by a car.

This was a mystical horror comic done the way I like them. Equally disgusting and beautiful to look at. The story was extremely clever, using flashbacks in a manner that I don't think I've seen before. And, for once, there's unpronouncable names that weren't actually made up. Sorry, but I can't pronounce any of those Aztec or Mayan god names.

If you've never read a comic with John Constantine in it before then this may be a useful volume for you. The history of Constantine at the back of this volume was rather useful and engaging. But basically, he's a working class magi who will pretty much do whatever it takes to save his own skin. It usually means that you don't want to be his friend no matter how much you may think he's a great character. But oddly, these sacrifices are necessary, not just because it's a character trait but because underneath it all you know that it is more important to have this one major player alive than a few innocents. It's an admission of everyone's dark truth, not just Constantine's, which makes him an extremely powerful character.

As for the plot - it involves hell on earth and a deal made with an ancient god that screws over other demons. Which, oddly, seems rather similar to the story arc in Angel: season 4 that I'm watching on DVD.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 1 November 2006

Yes, Wednesday's feature on Friday - because nobody demanded it. Sorry, I've been a bit busy.

52 Week 26
Halfway through and we see The Question taking up his mentor role again with Renee. After all these weeks I’m still wondering why, and where this is going. I’m still in love with the mad scientist island. The bug robots, the fact that there’s armed guards to deal with haywire bugbots, the cheesecake posters and the geek stereotype usually reserved for comic store owners being pawned off onto another male dominated profession. And who would have thought that dinner with the Sivanas would be like dealing with east coast money? I loved their comedy of manners and the fact that only in 52 a comedy of manners contains serving robots constantly bursting into flames and a crocodile man who just wants to be friends.
I rate this comic: Still good with its weekly little doses of fun.

Agents of Atlas #4 of 6
I’m not sure what I like better. The fact that I’m reading a retrofitting exercise that is still entertaining as a story or that on the list of Atlas fronts there wasn’t just Atlas Robotics but Atlas Pottery Shack as well. This is great spy-team stuff with the perfect blend of punching, cheesecake, gorillas and aliens to make me happy. It’s pretty much what I’d like from my comic book miniseries.
I rate this comic: The only Marvel book I’m reading it seems.

Mouse Guard #5
Another fine issue that makes me really happy and smug that I started reading this series since its inception. It is one of comic’s finest examples today. Everything from the format to the art to the simple childlike wonder of the story make this essential reading for me. I feel like too much time passes between issues and I tend to rush through each book as they come out. Still, they are light but with a feeling of density to them. It’s hard to explain. Beautiful artwork that looks kind of like Beatrix Potter was asked to do art for Tolkein. The story is being revealed more and more with each issue with tension mounting and larger action both happening and being set up. We are on the climb towards the inevitable big confrontation between a pretender to the throne and the honourable mice guard.
I rate this comic: The best comic about mice and a mystical axe wielding warrior.

Detective Comics #825
I really enjoyed the purple prose of Alfred in this one but his plot device role seemed a bit ham fisted to me. I do enjoy that relationship between Alfred and Bruce but it seemed a bit off that the guy who moments ago could determine footprints burned into the ground after an explosion couldn’t remember basic chemistry. That aside I feel this issue does continue a lot of what Dini was setting up as far as getting Batman back to his core and the expounding villain was a very nice touch that makes this comic feel like it understands its own history. I do think there is a bit of room for improvement but the core is very strong so as McGraw gets more comfortable with the structure and his characters we’ll see some Batman stories. I do like his take on Batman and Alfred – even the Commissioner seemed right on, for his brief moments.
I rate this comic: A decent start for a new team.