Thursday, March 02, 2006

Thursday's Loot - 2 March 2006

So I went back to the shop today to pick up the one year later books and the Batman Annual. I needed a bit of brain candy. Hey, I haven't had a coffee or beer all week, gimme a break. One vice is enough.

So let's go through this again.

Jonah Hex #5
Wow that art was creepy. I was liking this four on the floor tale until the end. It was good, good, then random ending. I'm all about later retribution but this was pushing it.
I rate this story: The weakest issue since the first one.

Godland #8
You are either right there with me or are a poor deprived soul I will forever pity. This book is good. It is the answer to all the things you've complained about in comics but isn't a return to the "bad" parts. I mean it has a trio of bad guys named after the id, ego and super-ego and the universe being created from the body of a giant warrior that wept when he had nothing else to warrior against.
I rate this story: Continuing to please

Fear Agent #3
Robots, ray guns, bubble helmets, a classic rocket with a shark smile painted onto it, and whiskey. Sci-fi has rarely been this fuck-off awesome.
I rate this story: Tougher than your cigar smoking, whiskey drinking, truck driving, bar fighting grandma.

Green Lantern Corps: Recharge #5
So that's what they were trying to do in the whole Rann-Thanagar War thing? This was much better. Spiders, lanterns, war-buddies-who-were-once-enemies, people sucking it up and surprising leaders. This was a great ending and a good start to the series. This is my first ever Green Lantern comics and I really like them.
I rate this story: A really impressive ending to a good miniseries. I don't like that I'm shocked that there was a coherent end that allows the story to bleed into a series. It just seems so rare these days. I mean, I could not bother to buy the series and be happy.

Batman Annual
I simply got this because I was curious about it after I heard good reviews coming from blogs I trust. I was expecting a train wreck but what I got is actually excited that Jason Todd is back.
I rate this story: How the hell did they manage to handle that well?

Detective Comics #817
So you've read all the plot synopses and know the spoilers, so now what? I don't know? Read the comic. If you're a Batman fan this a return to what Batman is all about the same way Batman Begins makes you forget about those crappy batnipples. I went away, but I'm back now and you may want to give old Bats a try again yourself.
I rate this story: Back to basics, which is a very good thing.

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #40
This is where The Fabulous Scipio decides to institute the first ever lifetime ban from his blog. I liked this comic. Then again I have never bought an Aquaman comic before and have nothing invested in the character. It's also helping me quench my thirst for sword and sorcery without buying the Conan trades. I actually think it's a good fit because of the otherworldly aspects of the ocean.
I rate this story: A good jumping on point for anyone who is interested.

I guess overall I'm simply shocked at how well DC seems to be handling these reboots. I think so far they've managed to do exactly what they set out to do. They are presenting new versions of the classic characters. New people can jump in on the ground floor and yet it is still continuing the stories already familiar to continuity junkies (maybe). I know the inherent problems with reboots is that they will eventually be needed again when things inevitably go off the rails. But until then I'm actually excited about superhero comics again. And I'm excited about comics I've never bought before either. Although the whole boobtacular Hawkgirl doesn't appeal to me even if it has a mystical edge to the stories.

And I did actually enjoy the Ultimates yesterday despite what I posted. Just being an ass I guess.

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