Thursday, April 27, 2006

Random FF covers

I probably won't be posting tomorrow or until Monday as I tend to unplug on the weekends so I'll leave you all with 3 Fantastic Four covers I fell in love with when I was unsuccessful in finding the cover for my first comic (for first comic week).

This one jumped out at me because it was just so unique amongst all the drivel. Plus I think it's the Scarlet Witch losing it. If not it will be soon.

It's not the She-Hulk in Daisy Dukes that makes me like this cover. I'm just a sucker for the surreal ink blot taking over the world story line done so well with Daffy Duck amongst others. And it's all off-kilter and just jumps out at you as a cover.

Forget Nazis this one has Hitler and the Fantastic Four have to save him! If there was a monkey this would be the best comic ever.

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