Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Reducing and Re-using

Last night I went through my ONE long box that is currently edging on the “full” side. I did this because the Great Glebe Garage Sale is coming up (May 27th) and I want to reduce my collection. I know I’m not going to read these books again so, in theory, I’m going to sell them to someone who will read them. There’s going to be some decent books in the sell pile but some not-so-good stuff as well.

Highlights include two issues of The Amazing Joy Buzzards and an issue of 100%. I have two copies of that 100% issue after a friend gifted the full run to me and I’ll be getting the second trade of The Amazing Joy Buzzards after the debacle of a time I had finding the issues. I’ll also be selling the full run of City of Crime in the Batman family of comics as well as a few random issues of Legends of the Dark Night, Detective Comics, Batgirl, and Robin. It’s all War Games stuff or Red Hood related so nothing all that fantastic. I’ll also be selling the Nightwing: Year One comics. There’s the first eight issues of New Avengers (except issue 2 oddly enough) some various Spiderman and X-men titles. I’ll also be dumping the Rann-Thanagar War series as well as Omac, and some JLA comics about erasing memories.

Now, what’s the point of this you’re asking? Well, I may post the issue numbers and stuff here tomorrow just out of the curiosity I have on people’s reactions, but I’m more interesting in getting feedback on pricing and selling. I read through most of the stuff I was going to sell – skimmed some because I just couldn’t put up with reading it again hence knowing I should sell it. At first I was thinking I’d sell these books for a dollar each. Then I looked at the price and in Canadian dollars each book is minimum $3.25 but more of them hover around $4.00. So I was thinking maybe $2.00 is a fair price?

What I want to balance is price to not getting random parents extremely pissed at me for selling their precious little peanut a Batman comic where a guy with a skeleton face tortures a young girl or a Green Arrow comic about his new sidekick explains that she was raped by her father as a child. So I’m thinking a $1.00 price point will attract too many kids to books that really aren’t for them but $2.00 is simply too much for anyone. I just don’t want to have a flood of kids coming up to me with a buck and me telling them “no, go ask your parents first.”

I want to spread the love and create space. I got these books to read, not to fool myself into thinking they’re going to be my retirement fund. Maybe I’m making too much of a big deal out of this. It’s not like I’ll be selling X-box games.

Sorry about posting the cat yesterday. I realize now that post is this site’s equivalent of jumping the shark.

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