Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Upcoming this week.

Before I started this p.o.c. blog I noticed that a lot of other comic bloggers were doing a preview or "what I plan to buy this week" post. At the time I made a decision not to do that type of post and I'm sticking with it. I do this for a very simple reason - I really don't know what I'll be picking up when I go to the shop. I generally have a good idea of what I'd get depending on what arrives or how much they stock - I've had a nightmare finding Godland and The Amazing Joy Buzzards locally. I still haven't received the second volume of Northwest Passage.

I think this allows me more of the thrill of discovery aspect to comic book floppies. Although I have to say I'm really tempted to take a hiatus from comics altogether in order to save more money. I may simply back out of the floppies and just get the ocassional trade. We'll see how it goes since I do have some big changes coming up this Fall.

But so this isn't just a post about my dull life I'll share some music information with you all. LAst night me and Allison were chilling and listening to Spiritualized Laser Guided Melodies. I think this is probably the best album nobody owns. I discovered Spiritualized with Pure Phase and Ladies and Gentlemen We're Floating in Space and loved those albums. I managed to find a copy of Laser Guided Melodies for free at the university's radio station. Okay, I nicked it. And I didn't like it as much as the other albums. Then I gave up recreational drug use and it's the only Spiritualized album I still listen to. It's just a chiltastic layered expanse of great music. It's straight forward and not as dissonent as the other albums can get.

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