Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I want cheap colour and New Avengers editorial nightmare

So I finished Showcase: Superman last night. And I could go on about the sheer insanity again or try to find a scanner to show the panel that I’m pretty sure shows Jimmy Olsen as a baby about to get molested by his neighbour. I am now questioning my sanity at purchasing the Showcase: Superman Family before reading much of the Superman collection. I just don’t have the mindset for these at the moment. I guess it’ll be one of those books resting on my shelf for a long time before I get to it. I want to enjoy these and share in the humour but I’m finding it … um…grating.

But I did have a notion. I would pay twice as much for these collections if they were on the same cheap paper with classic colour. I don’t need glossy paper with uber-new colours. I like newsprint paper with the dot-colouring. Hell, I’d like more comics to print on cheaper paper with cheaper colour if it reduced the cost a bit. I don’t need each page to look like a fantasy calendar. Mind you, I do like seeing the pure inked lines in these collections so whatever.

So I never got around to listing all those comics I’ll be selling because there was playoff hockey on and I was invited out for dinner. But I will write what I forgot to mention yesterday. New Avengers needs a bit more editorial attention. In each issue the number of convicts changes. It goes from 42 to 44 to 46. I can live with that because I’d assume that a massive prison break of supervillains would cause of bit of confusion. So as the dust settles the authorities get a better grasp of the situation. What I don’t accept is that in one issue (either 3 or 4) Stark Tower is founded in 2004 where in the next issue it’s founded in 2005. I know that Stark drank a lot for a while but I doubt he’d forget an entire year where he founded a massive structure that reshapes the skyline of New York. I’m just saying. These are the petty mistakes that really grate me but I don’t buy the book anymore so I shouldn’t really complain too much.

Oh and damn you internet. You’re making me want to buy Nova and Daredevil when I was thinking of cutting out Hulk. I want to save a bit of cash since I’m getting married in a few months and comics will be the big cut I’m thinking. Then I change my mind. It goes like this all day every day for me.


plok said...

We all know Ottawa's gonna be in the final, come on. I'd suggest paying special attention to Montreal/Carolina -- the overtime the other night was awesome. Also, who doesn't like San Jose/Nashville? I say credit where credit is seems like it's shaping up to be a great series.

Colorado I don't care about so long as Ottawa can beat them -- WHICH THEY CAN!

Calgary, simlar: if they were to win I'd howl and cry.

Hoping for an Ottawa/San Jose final.

And YES on everything you say about paper and colour!!!!

joncormier said...

Aahh the second season of hockey. I've been in Ottawa a bit too long to expect them to come together and pull off a final showing. It could happen but they just seem to "give up."

I know a guy who plays for San Jose, and my brother in law's brother played a few seasons with Nashville.