Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Wednesday's Loot - 26 April 2006

Quite the selection today. This week without pictures because I don't feel like getting any.

Godland #10
This is by far and away the most enjoyable book I'm reading.

Blue Beetle #2
I think I'm liking this update (not that I read much with Ted Kord to begin with). The way they play with time is fascinating. It was a bit disconcerting in issue one but here it is used to great effect. That's a great reveal, topped only in Battle for Bludhaven. I do like the updated and soon to be very dated, Brotherhood of Evil...I mean the Posse. The characters are all young and fresh. It's not a perfect book but it's a fun book that's not afraid to use some unique storytelling practices.

Iron Man: The Inevitable #5
I like the art. I really like the art here however I felt a bit lost in the story. Does Tony Stark and the Spymaster (out of costume) know each other. I may have to read all of these issues in one sitting when it's done. I do have one doubt though - so many characters were brought in, then dumped, is this a good thing or a bad thing? I can't decide but you all should. Oh, and what's the deal with Doc Samson, if someone cuts his hair will he die?

Battle for Bludhaven #2
Now THAT is a reveal. And here we were thinking he moved on to another universe altogether. I give you kudos DC on keeping this under wraps. Oh yeah, the rest of the story is progressing nicely.

Villains United Special
Note to Dave Campbell, this comic features the return of El Diablo. Just thought you should know. Again, I'm liking the story but would like someone to do a page by page breakdown of all the characters because I know less than half of them. If they're names weren't mentioned I probably don't know anyone outside of the more major villains (or ones made fun of on blogs).

Also bought but not read Solo and Batman. I don't want to read Batman until I get that last issue of Detective Comics. They are planning to reprint right? Right? Also dropped Hulk. That just wasn't going to last. I was tempted by Wolverine and the Annihilation stuff after the good words I've read. I guess my plan to reduce my purchases didn't work this week. Fuck.


Chris said...

1) Godland is a super-cool bit of crazy, but I'd like to see at least one dangling plot thread resolved soon before they open up six more.

2) IM:Inevitable --- Tony and the Spymaster have been at odds for years, but this is a new guy with the Spymaster title, so Tone didn't know who he was until now. He, Ghost, and Living Laser are all classic IM foes, but damned if I can figure out what the point of this series was.

3) Another person who's liking Bludhaven! We should get shirts made!

joncormier said...

I'm all confused about Iron Man. I loved the art and was liking the story. Then this last issue was kind of crappy because suddenly it's tied to the rest of the Marvel U. I liked it when it wasn't. I think I read it and liked it because of the momentum it built up before now. It's like the soap box derby racer of a mini-series. It had a big push but the hill just wasn't steep enough...

I got that these were reinvented bad guys and I actually liked the whole "anti-corporate" ghost. That was a cool villain.

I agree on the Godland plots too but I can't actually write bad things about it...yet.