Monday, April 10, 2006

Hey ho.

I managed to make the month of April "reduced work week month." Ever since the election and my 20 days worth of overtime that I accrued I've been meaning to do this. Since Easter makes one week short, I simply booked various Fridays and Mondays off so I'm only working 4 days a week all month long. This is good. It lets me consider my options and do my own thing.

I did mean to post on Friday, but I had nothing to say.

I have been thinking a bit more about The Spectre being a jackass though. I really hope they don't give him a goatee to make him look more black. This is the classic guise of the character so I suppose I can relent on the whole "black man trying to be a white man" issue for the time being. I realized I was a bit harsh on the DCU that does manage to have a rather diverse cast of heroes and is more representative of the world as I know it (although with more lighting, punching, explosions and superspeed) than most other superhero comics.

Too bad about Vibe though.

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