Thursday, April 20, 2006

Quick hits

I'm tired.

I'm really really tired.

I need more coffee.

Like the song goes (but personalised) - J-O-NN-Y needs C-O-FF-EE.

I am now a beta tester for Windows Vista. It is very flashy and I'm on the bleeding edge of Microsoft products. Hello all you penguins out there.

Anyway, comics. I liked all of them but haven't finished the Action Philosophers book because my friend came over to help with the install.

I hope the baby doesn't share a similar fate to the puppy in Sgt. Rock. I have to say I was happy that Easy Company finally got a chance to play dead then spring up to punch Nazis. Stupid Nazis. That's like the staple of all Sgt. Rock stories, playing dead then jumping up to punch or stab Nazis - that, and bazookas up front. Apparently Nazi-school didn't teach you things like "the dead don't breathe."


The Fortress Keeper said...

Nick Fury pulled a similar trick over in Peacemaker. They all learned it at the "Fighting Nazis 101" seminar.

joncormier said...

I'm amazed by this opposum fighting technique. I must find a master.