Wednesday, December 14, 2005

8 - Jean-Serge Brisson and the Libertarian Party

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Well, it seems that the kooky hours I’m working have basically killed all enthusiasm I have for pretty much everything in my life right now. I can’t even make fun of politicians on a regular basis – and it’s really easy.

What is there to really say about the Libertarian Party. I’m pretty sure they exist simply to get votes from dyslexics, myopic or librarian voters who confuse them with the Liberal Party. They believe in less government, so they are cast in the shadow of villains. They’re a bit like anarchist-lite. It just doesn’t fly in a country that values state sponsored institutions. There is a social safety net that has been created and maintained by government. This is the biggest difference between Canada and the U.S. of A. The national consciousness here is that the government of the country is here to support it’s citizens and maintain a basic level of care, whereas south of the border the government is there to ensure the citizenry is free to do what it please whether or not it is to the detriment of everyone else. That’s the big difference. That, and the snow monkeys we’re plagued with up here.

The big impression I’m seeing is that the Libertarians are basically arguing for the Americanization of Canada. The Libertarians sound like the sworn enemies of the Canadian Action Party that exists simply to fear the American Dollar Bill or something. I’m not sure if two insane wrongs make a lesser wrong, but you’d think this could possibly be comedy gold. I’m just not in a funny mood. I feel funny, but that’s just lack of sleep and a proper diet. I think I’m funny, but I’ve been sitting in front of a computer and talking on the phone since 8AM and for the last 16 days for an average of 12 hours a day. Rice is funny to me now.

The logo looks like they’re a airline more than a political party It does contain the required maple leaf. I don’t get this, why do they all need maple leafs? Do these parties think Canadians voting in a Canadian election might accidentally vote for a Ugandan political party?

Any who… The slogan “A whole new idea” sounds like a whole lot of “rushed to meet an election deadline.” I got a brand new idea – try not to suck.

What’s the deal with Mr. Brisson? I guess his big claim to fame is his big seat belt ordeal. I think the party exists to limit the amount of government because they told him it was a good idea to wear a seatbelt while driving on the highway. Those bastards. I guess if you have an impenetrable skull you don’t need to worry. He should fit right in in politics. Is government too big? No, your order is too tall.

Superhero Name: The Librarian
Super Powers: Impenetrable skull
Weaknesses: Fast cars and cops
Super Team: The Freedom Fighting Minute Men of America
Overall Rating: D-

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running42k said...

They have the most phallic of logos in the political scene. Are they compensating for something?