Friday, December 23, 2005

12 – Tracy Parsons and the Progressive Canadian Party

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Well there’s only two things I know about the Progressive Canadian Party. One, they were so upset by the death of the Progressive Conservative Party that they decided to use their initials and values for their own party. Two, one of the members owns photoshop or some other image editing software program. Look at the website and you’ll see what I mean, hell, look at Ms. Parson’s photo and you’ll see what I mean.

They exist simply to ape on the old PC party and hope that a few seniors are so used to voting for a PC party that they’ll skim a few votes in each election. I find it funny that none of the actual Progressive Conservative MPs or politicians had anything to do with this party. It’s like fan fiction or fan films. Sure a few are good, and some are even funny when they use flash or other animation programs but for the most part they suck. Same with this party. It loved something so much it tried to recreate it only to be seen as a chubby weirdo with an odd obsession and a light saber, I mean political party – which is weirder. At least people understand that things like comics and star wars will have fans, but political party groupies? C’mon. I mean, really, c’mon. It’s one thing to want to lay the prime minister it’s another to make your own version of a party.

Well, here’s the logo. Yep, looks like it was made by photoshop, or some freeware imaging software. Sorry about the extra crap around it.

I can’t tell what the slogan is. It’s either “welcome,” “become a member” or “nation builders.” I’ll go with “Nation Builders.” That’s not too bad. At least it can’t be photoshopped. Is photoshopped a word? It is now. Finally, I’m with Shakespeare and can be accredited with being the first to record a word that goes into common usage.

I don’t know what to say about Tracy Parsons. I wish her luck, she’s going to need it. (In politics, they got photoshop down-pat). I guess she’s just one of the also-rans. I’m too tired to make with the funny. Is this election over with yet?

No grades. They suck. Not Communist bad, but bad. I mean, the Marxist-Leninists ran more candidates than the Bloc Quebecois last time around and these guys are meant to be a legacy party?


Chris Schnurr said...

And the same was said about the Reform Party, Canadian Alliance before they illegally hijacked the PC Party.

Do some homework i.e. former MP's and cabinet ministers who have joined our party. Research on elections Canada website and find out which senators are donating.

whistleblower said...

One of the main drivers of the 'Progressive Canadian' Party, and a good friend of Stevens, is Mr. Farsad Kiani, of Toronto.

In 2003 he posted the names of many of his employees in a so-called petition against the amalgamation of the Reform and Conservaties.

Trouble was, he didn't even ask these employees if they would give him their permission.

My name appeared and I was actually totally for the amalgamation. I had to threaten Stevens with a lawsuit before my name was removed.

So, what is Mr. Kiani up to now?

Well, in June 2006, his company 'Ensil International' was 'visited' by the FBI while they had a court warrant in their hand. He and his companies are still under investigation for alleged breaches of ITAR and fraud.

In January 2008 he is having to appear in courts in both Utah and San Antonio, Texas, defending his Company 'Ensil International' from multi-million $ lawsuits for allegedly taking this money for equipment his company had said they had 'repaired' but had not.

I think Mr. Kiani is going to be a little too busy to further corrupt Canadian Politics for a while.