Friday, December 23, 2005

14 - The maybes and also rans

Here’s to the potentials and to the never weres.

This is the last of my political posts for a while – maybe. There are two parties that are still eligible to become registered parties if they field one candidate in this election. The Western Block Party and the First Peoples National Party of Canada. Both have logos without flora or fauna, which will really help them stand out on television and in the paper. I really do wish the First Peoples National Party of Canada the best of luck. I think it is a great vision and a movement that will help the First Nations get the respect they so rightly deserve. They have the potential to bring a very unique and original point of view to the political arena.

Then there are these jokers. Sorry if I can’t take them seriously. The logo was made by a small child or worse, an adult who draws like a small child. Then their policies of holding referendums on everything is hilarious. How do you hold a referendum on shared values, let alone shared religion? Sorry, we don’t believe in putting sugar in coffee, we had a referendum on that, it’s not a western value. Then I thought it would be hilarious if Hinduism or Jedi won as their shared religion.

And last but certainly not least are the National Alternative Party that couldn’t get enough members to prove they were a party, The Ontario Party – ditto – and the Absolutely Absurd Party who withdrew their application. I think the Sex Party was also trying to get registered. Personally I think we are all the worse off for not having an Absolutely Absurd Party running. Imagine if they were like Dadaists reading from telephone books at candidate debates.

Sir, what is your position on the gun registry?

James Flannigan – 902-234-1599

Okay, and your party’s position on Quebec separation?

Rice Pudding.

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