Thursday, April 05, 2007

Wednesday’s Loot – 4 April 2007

52 Week 48
I enjoyed the Montoya-Nightwing team-up. I was a bit lost with the whole Abbot guy leaving the evil animal men, was it because Mannheim was pissed at him and criminals like nothing more than helping the heroes when they’ve been betrayed by other criminals in order to get back at said first group of criminals? Otherwise I don’t mind Renee Montoya as The Question, although she was such a great character already it just seems unnecessary to me and that this was change just for the sake of change. But in the end, I’m fine with it because The Question can simply be anyone as long as The Question kicks people in the head – the addition of the space-gun was pretty cool though. The art was a bit scratchy in this issue and I think they explained in a very round about way why the Crime Bible interns didn’t go after Cassandra Cain instead of Katherine Kane as the twice named daughter of Cain – she was too young, I think? Whatever, they’re determined to use the new Batwoman although it would have been great if they actually killed her off in this issue and said they were just kidding about the whole new series thing a while back as a way to get some press.
I rate this comic: I’ll bit $3.99 for Black Adam.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer #2

Again, I like the series so I like this book. I did feel there were a few jump-cuts that had me a bit lost for a panel but otherwise this comic captures the characters essence perfectly. I’m a bit unsure about reading that Brian K. Vaughan will be writing issues 6-9 though. Not because I don’t like his writing, I think he’s a fantastic writer but it kind of makes me wonder how dedicated Whedon is to the whole thing. Then again, if I was him I’d be a bit sick and tired of going back to something that ended a long time ago and dealing with questions about characters who are treated as real people by a whole lot of whacky characters who actually are people. You get what I’m saying? It feels a bit like a cop out but at least it's Vaughan who is like the hardest working man in comics, and I respect that (not to mention love his writing).
I rate this comic: Hey, it’s got a giant, a Nick Fury homage and a horde of undead Scotts in kilts, what’s not to like?

Detective Comics #831
I think this story was done before. Not with the same characters or whatever, but the whole Harley Quinn going strait storyline. That being said, it’s still a fantastic issue that not only gives us a great Harley Quinn and Batman caper but makes the new Ventriloquist a lot more interesting – what’s her connection to both the old Ventriloquist and, perhaps, The Joker. Really, wonderful stuff.
I rate this comic: Did I mention how much I love Paul Dini writing Detective Comics?

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