Thursday, April 26, 2007

Comics - the only time war doesn't suck

War Stories: Volume 1
Garth Ennis and various artists.

This collection is worth every second you spend with it. It's a bunch of stories about a bunch of different characters in the backdrop of WWII. It's a throw back to four coloured adventures that are self-contained and have average guys doing extraordinarily courageous things. I felt like I was reading a modern comic that embodied the essence of what has allowed comics to be remembered so fondly.

This are expertly created stories that kind of shine a light into a void we currently have - the anthology title. Basically a monthly comic that shares a setting but each issue is self contained and not necessarily based around one character. If these comics were released now as single issues on a monthly basis, I'd be a much happier consumer of four coloured adventures.

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