Thursday, April 19, 2007

Thank You Comic Book Bloggers

Because of you I will be saving the CDN cover price for DC's World War III. I didn't get to the shop yesterday to pick up my books and I'm happy about it. I had my reservations but figured the extra day would allow a few reactions to be posted and it's the same on all the sites I read.

I can use this saved money to put down towards the last Animal Man trade.



andyg said...

Completely with you there. I have been entertaining myself with all the magical things (sweets, drugs, Kirby reprints) I can buy with the money I saved from not buying that tripe. If you feel yourself weaken, try skim reading them in the shop. But you may be thrown out for vomiting all over the excrement within.

Jason said...

You're welcome, I feel like I took a bullet. A ten dollar, poorly written bullet.

joncormier said...

I feel like I dodged one, although I spent that money on more booze so I'm not feeling so well right now.