Thursday, April 12, 2007

Wednesday’s Loot - 11 April 2007

52 Week 49
This issue would have been the best issue ever if they had a hypnoray instead of hypnogoggles, otherwise this is pretty much what I want from series like this. Good action, good intrigue, and a some retroactive setup for the year that was/will be. And I’m always a sucker for the swirly background image a go-go. This is more Science Squad hi-jinx but with action figure sized metal men and a decent moment between a couple of characters who had a civil relationship way back when this whole thing started – it’s nice to see two characters actually maintain a decent relationship even if both are mad scientists.
I rate this comic: One hypnoray away from perfect.

All-Star Superman #7
I like this issue but not as much as the others so far. I think it’s solely because this issue strays from the single issue format that I love so much (don’t ask me why I’m not reading Jonah Hex, I just don’t know). It doesn’t mean I was disappointed, not by a long shot. This issue is chalk full of great supporting cast moments, from Perry White fire-extinguishing a bizarro zombie, to Jimmy commandeering a blimp, to Lois having a quick and quiet moment with Superman. Plus Supes gets to put a blowhard in his place and we’re given the square Bizarro world with Anagram Zibarro – I can only image the dialogue about to come and how it will relate to the action in the next issue.
I rate this comic: I’m so happy I’m reading this.

Madman #1
I’ve never read a Madman comic before this one. I can’t afford the Gargantua volume but would probably enjoy it. I love the art and I’m happy with the gonzo storytelling here. There is lovely lovely art in this book - I love the strong linework and clarity of it all.
I rate this comic: A good pick for the uninitiated like me.

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