Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nice and Light, But With Punching

Justice League Adventures Volume 1
The Magnificent Seven

I still haven’t seen all of the animated show yet because I’m trying to do these Bruce Timm series in order of their release (I just finished season one of Superman). I have seen a few episodes though and I do like what these comics based on the animated series accomplish. They’re what comics used to be before television was so utterly dominant as an entertainment medium. These are comics for kids. They may not be the best stories in that they’re predictable and not all that challenging to the reader but they are clear, full of action, bright colours, and paced exceptionally well. These are comics that aren’t written for the trade but give you a story from beginning to end in each floppy that allow the Justice League to get the job done with teamwork but while allowing each character a few moments to shine on his or her own.

There is a great reference to Superman Returns whether or not it was intended. If it was it was great product placement, if it wasn’t then it seems like it is in hindsight. Also, the authors continue in the unwritten rule that Superman is a bit of a dick when he makes inappropriate comments to Martian Manhunter about being green with envy and whatnot.

I do like that this league is a bit more diverse. These characters, like all the characters distilled through Bruce Timms series have cut to the quick of what makes these characters so fascinating to so many audiences, and for so many years. Granted, these are some of the first issues so the series does manage to grow into itself a bit more with time but it is still decent for a nice little fun reading.

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