Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wednesday's Loot - 18 April 2007

I was in meetings all day Friday so didn't have a chance to post. Then the sun came out and I was absolutely required to go drink beer on a patio. So you get treated to a very rare weekend post.

52 Week 50
Wow a crossover done in one issue. The transition into the action was a little rough but mostly this was a good issue. I do have to say that with two issues left to go I sort of forget everything that this series was meant to explain and tie together. One year later was a year ago but I have a sneaking suspicion the writers either forgot or got caught up in their own stories and honestly, I don’t care because for the most part I’ve enjoyed the series.
I rate this comic: A good war comic with superheroes.

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #12
The first of two comics involving questionable sexual relationships. This is the only Marvel comic I’m buying and I’m incredibly happy with it. How many other comics involve sentient planets macking on Earth with superheroes causing a burning itch to get rid of the threat?
I rate this comic: Genius.

The Spirit #5
The second comic with a questionable sexual relationship. This time our ersatz hero is fighting mobsters and Russian military rations being marketed with his likeness. The violence in this issue is amped up and really clashes with the art style but reminds us of the world these characters inhabit. This really is one of the best comics being currently produced because every plot is interesting and introduces interesting characters and the art is awe inspiring.
I rate this comic: Still tops.

Manhunter #30
Every time I get this comic I feel a bit upset that I don’t have enough disposable cash to go buy the trades to get more caught up. Not only are the title characters all fascinating and endearing we’re treated to a fantastic version of Wonder Woman and the awe she inspires . Plus she drives a white hummer while wearing a cape, red sunglasses and a tiara. This issue wraps up the main plot involving Kate and Diana but the secondary characters seem to have won their arcs a bit more of a reprieve thanks to the series uncancellation. Plus the “to be continued: line on the last page is the best one I’ve seen.
I rate this comic: The reason comics get taken off the chopping block.

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