Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The secret is that it doesn't completely suck

Secret War
Brian Michael Bendis - words
Gabriele Dell'Otto - art

I don’t know if it’s just that I’m tired of mind wiping stories or your heroes have managed to do questionable things in their past type stories, or what, but I didn’t love this book. I didn’t hate it, and in fact, I think that it actually works better on a lot of levels than Identity Crisis did. The internal logic about the mind-wiping and the actions of Nick Fury tie very strongly to the plot and the Marvel universe itself. It’s got a very solid structure unlike Identity Crisis that had plot lines with their own plot lines and then ended.

So while the internal shenanigans all work and make sense in relation to themselves, where this story didn’t work for me was that you pretty much need to know the Marvel universe of comics to make any sense of this story. Yes, the stealth costumes were cool and I like the idea of Latveria funding technology based villains, it totally makes sense and ties to the history of the place and its classic ruler, Dr. Doom. Where it goes off the rails is that, huh, Dr. Doom is dead? Really? And why are all these villains not the classic ones I know? Like Doc Oc is a woman now, and there’s yet another Green Goblin. Why weren’t the originals good enough?

There just seemed to be too much changes that seemed arbitrary and unnecessary. Maybe they all made sense if I was reading only Marvel comics for my entire life but I haven’t and they don’t. I did enjoy a lot of the character moments and the dialogue though. I also enjoyed the art for the most part. The only part of the art I didn’t like is the same thing I don’t like in all comics – that repeated panel of a facial close up to show that a character isn’t reacting. That earthquake woman just looked too much like an elvish Angelina Jolie. Otherwise I like the painted look to the book, and the character art.

So I guess it works but it doesn’t, how’s that for a review?


Jason said...

I just didn't understand the "stealth" costumes. If they're supposed to be stealthy, why not just put them all into black spandex in the first place? Teh Angelina Jolie steal really pulled me out of hte story too. I think this could've been a better series, but I'll always have bad taste in my mouth since I bought it in singles and it took over two years to complete.

joncormier said...

Seriously? Two years? Man, I'm so glad I decided to use my library system as my basis for stories I want to find out are any good - rather than buying them and hoping for the best. This way I don't feel so bad for reading a lot of crappy books

I'm just a sucker for stealth costumes, and sometimes, armor costumes but it was the armor costumes that made me stop reading Justice.

Jason said...

Yeah, two years, the worst part was that they kept referring back to it in New Avengers when it wasn't even half over. It drove me nuts.

Fortunately, I was out of comics during the "everybody gets armor" years. Sheesh.