Monday, April 23, 2007

Heroes - not planning for seven generations

I was thinking I should do a post about heroes and the environment because of yesterday being Earth Day and all, but to be honest I can’t be bothered. Three years with the Green Party of Canada has used up all the goodwill I once had for environmental concerns. I’ll give you a quick summary of some of the ideas I had but Dave Campbell has managed to cover pretty much all you need to know about the Batmobile:

- Could the batmobile be as affective if converted to bio-diesel, electric or hybrid?
- Maybe Batman should look into some bat-alternative transportation systems that are carbon neutral.
- Spider-man, is he just ahead of his time with the biodegradable webbing/weapon system?
- Shouldn’t Superman be a bit more worried about the polar icecaps melting thus releasing the zoo in his fortress of solitude?
- Couldn’t all the cold themed villains have their jail sentences converted to helping refreeze those ice caps?
- That last issue of Marvel Adventures: The Avengers with Ego the living planet – was it a commentary on humans causing planetary “burning”?
- Is Superman affecting the o-zone layer with all that high-altitude flying?
- When will Poison Ivy start backing a Green Political movement in Gotham?
- Wouldn’t the Martian Manhunter be a bit more pissed and/or sluggish with the raising temperatures of Earth’s climate – or is it just fire and not heat that affects him?

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