Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Wednesday's Loot - 9 November 2005

I managed to save a pretty penny this week. Only two floppies and no trades. So here goes.

DMZ #1
Awsome. I've been waiting for this ever since the preview artwork was made available online. I was simply drawn in by Riccardo Burchielli's work. It's just so unique and complex. I'm happy to see more of a graphic approach being taken that isn't completely incomprehensible. Then there's Brian Wood's storytelling which really is top notch. This is a first issue so one has to wonder whether or not this issue manages to set up both the world and the stories effectively. I would have to say that since I started reading comics again this is best set-up I've seen. We're instantly pushed into the action and watching the characters bounce off each other (sometimes literally) and start to interact with the world is fascinating. I see this as being one of the more unique war comics out there because it's dealing with current issues but in the dystopian tradition like Brave New World or 1984. The lead character Matty doesn't get the wool pulled from over his eyes, it's blown off by an attack chopper. He seems to be a slacker/drifter who is suddenly forced to grow up and take responsibility for himself when he's caught in the middle of a warzone but we don't know him yet and this first impression could be off. This was a very explosive first issue that has me really waiting for the next one.

I rate the story: As stunning as it is clever.

Infinite Crisis #2
Well don't I feel like a tit buying the Crisis on Infinite Earths after the first issue. Thanks Mr. Johns for condensing it for us newbies who already spent the extra duckets. Sure this was exposition but I'm intrigued to see where this is heading. It's a fun "talkie" of an issue. Is anyone else slightly creeped out by the Earth-2 Superman talking about the DCU like it's a cancer? I'm happy that Johns et al aren't afraid to go back to deal with everything left over from the first crisis. The possibility for a free flowing DCU is enough to keep me glued to my seat for this story.
I rate this story: Fodder for the bloggers who thought Allred's Batman story was preachy.

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