Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The two other books (and a fake conversations).

Well, I’m officially dropping out of the NaNoWriMo contest. November turns out to be the worst possible time I could ever attempt this. I’m moving, I take a sculpture class, there’s talk of an election and my parents are coming to visit. I know this would never be easy but on top of working crazy ass hours in case there’s an election called the last thing I want to do is go home and sit in front of this computer screen any longer. Maybe next year.

Well, on to comics.

Rex Libris #2.
If you haven’t picked up this book yet you are definitely missing out on something here. It’s unique in a lot of ways. Unique art, unique story, lots of pages with no ads. I’m still undecided about whether or not I like the art-style but I definitely liked it more this time around and it doesn’t look like anything else out there right now. Especially in superhero comics. It’s fun, action packed and well, just plain clever.

This issue sets up more of what I think is to become the supporting cast. It probably helps if you’ve read some classics or are at least a bit aware of them as Greek and Egyptian legends are referred to as much as Sci-Fi clichés. Even if you end up not liking it, I think you should really give this book a try – more so if you are looking for something new and other cape books are leaving you feeling a bit flat and like you’re only a wallet to them.

Marvel Team-Up #14
I picked up this issue because I wanted to see a bit of what Invincible is all about without ruining the continuity of his own series. It’s on my trades list of a few days ago. And I’ve always been a Spidey fan even if I don’t buy the books anymore. I really wanted to like this book a lot more. It was a bit of fun and I like generic heroing when it’s done right. This wasn’t so good. I think it probably started out really good then something happened. I think it was like this:

Robert Kirkman: Hey Corey, I’ve got this Team-Up book at Marvel, it’s a lot of fun because they’re letting me do Marvel the way Marvel was know for. You know, House of Ideas and what not. So anyway I sort of had a busy week and threw them the idea of doing an Invincible crossover with Spider-Man. They said yes, but I said you had to draw it.

Corey Walker: Cool man. Are you going to let me draw Doc Oc? That would rock. We could do this great old fun timey Spidey story.

Yeah that’s what I wrote. Here take a look. We’ve got Invincible and Spider-Man meeting up with Doc Oc getting away. They get to know each other and realize they’ve got their hearts in the same place they share a few laughs then they work together to find Doc and stop him

CW: Sounds like fun. This can be our homage to Lee and Ditko.

RK: Exactly. But nobody's supposed to mention where we got the idea for Invincible so stop that.


Marvel Editor: Okay Kirky, I love the issue. Perfect baby, perfect. There’s only one thing I’d like you to clear up.

RK: What’s that?

Well you know how Spider-Man and Invincible meet up and work together to stop Doc Oc?

RK: Yeah?

ME: Well I don’t buy it.

RK: You don’t buy it?

ME: No, you see there’s only two heroes in this book wouldn’t it be better if there were more. I think they could figure out where Doc Oc is if they go home and meet up with the New Avengers.

RK: Uhm, why?

ME: Well, you see, Spider-Man is now an Avenger and it would be faster if he was working with all the other Avengers.

RK: That would ruin my whole story. Why is Spider-Man alone to begin with?

ME: Maybe he was sent out to get milk or something, I don’t know? Just make sure you introduce the New Avengers, okay Kirky?

RK: What the f@$%?

ME: Look man, if you don’t put the New Avengers in this book somehow they’ll kill my family and yours and replace us with robots, you think Ultron is fictional? How do you think Stan Lee got an acting career this late in life?

RK: Um I’ll have to call my artist.

CW: So, like instead of the heroes being heroes they just sit around and get introduced like it’s a shitty assed party with no booze and you’d rather chew your own arm off than talk about the guy next to you’s stereo?

RK: Pretty much. But they won’t kill our families.

CW: Ah well, let’s go buy diamonds for our teeth.


Were you aware that Marvel has NEW Avengers out now? Good thing they're in all the books because I had no idea. Well they do get lost in the ads sometimes...

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