Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wednesday's Loot - 2 November 2005

Wow, two posts in one day. I really wish money wasn't so tight there was a lot of great stuff out there this week (and every week when you have a lot of catching up to do).

I decided to pick up Smax instead of The Originals simply based on economics. I hope to find the time to read it soon.

Batman: Gotham County Line #2 of 3
I wasn't sure where this story was going in the last issue but I like that it's taken a bit of turn towards the mystic instead of regular zombie fare which looks to be set up for the next issue. I like the use of Deadman here. His bright red costume is a great contrast for the muted tones dominating this story. It's a great focal point since he's the one who knows what's going on. I also like the character design for Radmuller - simple yet easy to identify with his bald head and arced neck. I like the artwork here for a great change of pace, still not to thrilled with the price point though. Anyone else get the feeling DC is seeing if people will buy this "prestige" format so they can release more books this way and own our limbs and first born children?

I rate this story: A bit flighty but equally creepy and pretty to look at.

Detective Comics #813
I'm glad I stuck with this story this month. I wasn't too sure about it after the last few issues but I liked this one. The clever upstairs downstairs play is really great here. The dual cities and the contrast between one man with a mission and basically the commie masses working as one body against him is a very cool idea. That's great potential for conflict. One body against a throng of others working as one. Batman's always been up against a city of crime but they've never acted together as one like this. Plus - freaky vantriloquist dummy vs. Robin.

I rate this story: A great set up for an epic climax.

Jonah Hex #1
Wait, was that a self contained single issue? Holy fuck I hope someone at DC loses their job over that. I'm kidding, by the way. I'm extremely happy to see a single issue be an actual single issue. This is a great character to do that with isn't it? He goes from job to job. I know I wouldn't have referenced Clint Eastwood so obviously but they did and they do a good job of it. Again, there is some really brutal scenes like there was in Loveless, but here everything is so obviously amped up that I accept it a bit more. I like the use of the omniscient narrator. Am I the only one happy to see that again? This comic is as subtle as Jonah Hex's scar but watching the story run with that was great, not all my comics need to be nuanced. This comic is a real mix of retro features with modern aspects. Third person narration, compressed story but then some disturbing comments on child abuse of a sort. I'm hoping this series goes in a direction like the Buffy tv series where each episode is episodic however they can be connected with an occasional continued story (well I've only seen series one and am on series two at the moment so this could all change for all I know).

I rate this story: A great single issue story that I've been waiting for.

I've also picked up Marvel Team-Up #14 and Rex Libris #2 but don't have the time for them right now.

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