Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Those empty calories are killing my soul

Well, I’ve realized that I’m posting a lot of empty calorie posts lately. Is it truly a post if you’re posting to say you have nothing to post?

So here’s a few things I’ve come across:

Mark Fossen at Focussed Totality has a fantastic post about books he wanted to like but didn’t. It’s a feeling I tend to echo a lot these days. Plus, Mark has my favourite quote of the week so far “I don't consider the purchase price of a comic to be an all-ages pass to Snarkland: The Amusement Park.” I can’t say it better myself man.

Greg at Comics Should be Good has another good post about why changing the status quo is basically the status quo. Or as I see it, we buy these things called comics precisely because of the status quo (well sometimes). On a side note he writes “Everyone is abuzz about Bruce Wayne ending up in Arkham and Dick Grayson becoming Batman.” Really? I’m not. I like Dick (okay you can giggle at that) and I think he’s become a character that fits into the netherworld between classic hero and modern hero. Even the Omacs recognized him as “truth and justice” or whatever it was. Still, I find I like him better in theory than in practice. He’s another one of those characters of great potential who’s potential is often explored but never achieved.

In other areas I’m feeling strapped for cash and just plain hecticly busy so I find myself going for buzz books or completist selections. This is exactly the behaviour I wanted to avoid coming back to comics. I suppose I can allow myself to be completist on one title but the rest of the books I buy will be because I want to. I’ll allow myself to finish the current Detective Comics arc. After that I’ll re-evaluate it.

I’m also thinking of focussing a bit more on trades since Smax and The Originals are being released this week I’ll post a few things I’m interested in and give a quickie explination.

I’ve enjoyed all the Walking Dead trades so far and I like superhero hijinx. Plus whatever I see by Kirkman appeals to me on some level – even Battle Pope. I don’t know if this will be the first thing on my list, but it’s definitely a contender.

Animal Man
I’m ordering all 3 trades here because I’m exploring some similar ideas in my NaNoWriMo project. I figure since Morrison was there first I should try to read the things. I’m excited about it because I haven’t read much (any that I can think of) Morrison and I’m hoping this is a good place to jump into it and get a feeling for his other work.

I read most of the first issue from the online preview at DC/Vertigo and like what I see. I am a fan of interpreting fairy tale creatures in new ways. Again, I want to get into this but I’m not sure where it rates on my list but it has definitely been an interest for a long time.

Swamp Thing
I’ve never read any Swamp Thing. Get your torch and pitchfork. Again, I’ll get to it but I don’t know when. I'm sure Mike Sterling will ban me from Progressive Ruin.

The New Teen Titans: Terror of Trigon
I’ve always meant to check out old New Teen Titans stuff. Jim Roeg recommended it so I’ll be checking it out. I trust the man. I’m sort of mourning Double Articulation these days but it does allow me to explore the archived stuff there.

Essential Luke Cage
I wish it was in colour but this is on my list over all the other Essential stuff – and I could happily buy all those collections. Personally I wouldn’t know where to begin with the Essential stuff or try to get some colour trades of the other materials.

I have the first two and love them. I know I’ll be picking this stuff up whenever I need something to read on Fridays when I wait for Allison to show up at the super-duper packed pub I can get to before the crowds show up.

Golden Age
I’ve heard good things. It’ll be read sooner or later. Same with New Frontier.

Also on my list are Runaways and Scott Pilgrim. I’ll get to both of these as well – probably Scott Pilgrim first because it’s Canadian and EVERYONE seems to love it already.

Anything else I should check out? I want some suggestions on things that flew under radars or are better than you’d think. Creator owned is good but I already went through the indy autobiographical phase and can live without more of that.


Mark Fossen said...

Planetary? Have you picked up that in trade?

Kevin Church said...

Animal Man is where I first encountered Grant Morrison and from there, a love was borne.

joncormier said...

I know nothing of this Planetary you speak of. I forgot to mention that I was now reverting to the trades for Powers. I've only read the Icon stuff but this whole "schedule" they're working with just pisses me off too much. I'll starve then eat a meal instead of waiting for scraps.

Mark Fossen said...

I know nothing of this Planetary you speak of.
Remedy that!

This is an amazon list i made

joncormier said...

Okay, that's an addition to the list.

Cheers Mark!