Monday, November 14, 2005

Batman 'n stuff

So, Batman is everywhere these days. Love him or hate him. There he is staring up at you through his cowled visage. I watched disc 4 of the Animated Series and then Batman Begins in one day. It's weird how much I've come to like the Scarecrow because of this. There's one thing that struck me though from watching Batman Begins - he's so concerned about leaving a legacy but he's got no children to carry on his name. Forget about the Batman, that can be passed on to anyone really, but who will be the next Wayne to keep contributing to Gotham? And don't tell me Dick Grayson. I believe in adoption but this is different. This is the end of a familial legacy.

I now know the first Batman story I want to write. I'll call it "The Last Temptation of Batman." He can get hit with more fear stuff from Scarecrow only I think his real fear is not having a family and particularly a son. He's so freaking conflicted about his parents' death, and his father's influence on him and Gotham that I think this is Bruce Wayne's real fear. Would you read that? I would.

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Shane Bailey said...

That's actually pretty interesting. I never thought about it like that.

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