Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Enjoy your damn Turkey!

So while it's a long weekend of home-cooked goodness in the U.S. of A. I'm stuck up here in the frozen north preparing for an election. My posts have been random and rather pithy recently but I have come up with a great idea. Since the government is about to fall I thought I would spend a bit of time mixing up politics with superhero comics.

I've mentioned it before how Canadian politics and superheroes have a lot in common - older white men obsessed with logos and catch phrases. You'll also notice that I've got a few links on my sidebar. I do think it's important to vote, and if you look at my sidebar you'll see that we are really not lacking as far as choice is concerned. To any of my American colleagues who are reading this - we have more than one party in every single election and elections are generally completed in one single day with out anyone suing anyone else or using the courts to decide the outcome. We're funny that way.

So since I'm now on the night shift I thought I would see how the political leaders stand up to being leaders of a superhero team. I'll look at their logo, their slogan (for this election or the last one) and try to come up with some superpowers or a name for them as hero (or villian as my mood allows).

I'll be presenting the parties in alphabetical order for no bias on my part - I do work for one - have fun guessing which one! I won't tell you so I can avoid any possible legal ramifications if I quit or get fired. Actually, I'll send you a free comic if you come up with a creative way that my career in politics will end.

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