Wednesday, November 16, 2005

I like my mind right where it is, thank you very much.

Has anyone else noticed how all the promotion lately is going to "blow our minds"? Man, if the comic companies were right these four colour floppies will have spinal fluid leaking out our ears so fast and furious there will be nothing left with which to enjoy the pleasant effects of alcohol and narcotics. If TV rots your brain then comics blow it (actually that sounds funny when you think about it) how come we can still read these things? Wouldn't we be, I don't know, dead?

I wonder if the guys over at Comics Should be Good have realised that comics will blow their minds since they've sentenced a few DC employees to perform said action on Dan DiDio. No wonder parent's don't let their kids buy comics - comics may fellate your brain! If only. I always thought blowing anything was meant to be a loving action and well, we're a conflicted bunch I think. Half of us are happy, half of us are raving mad, and most of us have internet access to we can see people blowing all sorts of things for free, so do we need this?

I would just like to see some solid story telling - you don't have to shock me, you don't have to grab my groin, you don't have to chew on my eyeballs like a pitbull on a rump roast, you don't have to blow my mind. Just entertain me. Go buy that Robbie Williams album with "Let Me Entertain You" on it and play that song on a loop in your creative space. I don't care if you don't like it, listen to what he's saying. I like the status quo. I like the pattern of serial comic book story telling. Please, everyone, for one month only, don't blow my mind. Just give me a status quo story that doesn't completely change everything again.

I know change is the only constant in life but aren't comics a bit of an escape? How about a little non-change. How about something pedestrian? How about a superstory where the hero is defeated by the bad guy at the beginning and the hero learns from his or her mistakes and cleverly defeats the villian at the end of the issue? I'd buy that. I'd buy that every month. Heck, I'd buy that every Wednesday. Maybe I need to buy more Archie comics or something. I think when I'm done sucking at the Infinite Crisis boobie I'll just buy the JLU books and Spidergirl for my superhero fix. Or possibly just buy the Bruce Timm DVDs since I like those versions of the heroes anyway.

Wow, this went on longer than expected. Sorry folks. There's a constant threat of an election here in the frozen north so I'm pulling crazy hours and my life is in constant upheaval - maybe that's why I don't need mind blowing crisis and change every week. I have it in my day-to-day existence, if I didn't would I want the constant change?...perhaps I'm on to something there.

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