Thursday, November 17, 2005

Wednesday's Loot - 16 November 2005

Yesterday was an odd day. For some reason the local shipment was delayed and oddly enough when I finally got to the shop in the evening Local #1 was sold out. I'll try the other shop today.

So only two titles this week although I was tempted to get a lot of trades. With the big move still happening on Dec. 1st I resisted temptation. So, surprise surprise if you can guess which comics I bought..... c'mon, you bought them too. Well you bought at least one of them.

That's right I'm talking about everyone's favourite hero in complementary coloured spandex.

All Star Superman #1
Superman's origin in five panels (one is a two page spread) and eight words. Perfect storytelling. Then my jury left the building and are still out. I'm happy that Morrison doesn't treat the reader like a complete tit here - we all know Superman's deal so let's get on with the story. I feel like I need to know a bit more about Supes to get what's happening or understand who these characters are but in all honesty I don't care and I don't think it matters. I really enjoyed this story. Lex Luthor is actually imposing as a crazy mad scientist without being too mustache twirling.

I'm sure others out there who know more about comics and the entire history of Superman already have this issue covered so go read their stuff. I just give these piddly little, hey I liked the comic reviews. This one is good and is a breath of fresh air after that other All-Star title.

I like that Superman is laid back, heroic, and the clumbsy Clark Kent in equal measure. It's oddly refreshing to see the boy-scout version not cram goodness and the American Way down your throat (you can now all make jokes about cramming things down throats).

I rate this story: If all Morrison's comics are this good I'm an idiot for this being the first one I've picked up (if only I bled hard cash...).

I also picked up Fantastic Four and Iron Man: Big in Japan #2. Haven't read it yet.

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