Friday, May 11, 2007

Wednesday's Loot - 9 May 2007

Countdown #51
Okay I’m a sucker for villains playing chess with figures of their enemies. It always makes me wonder if it’s their hobby of if maybe they have a bunch of underlings who are top spies and wood workers. I’m thinking as far as henchmen jobs go, wood worker would be a fairly decent one although it’s probably just contracted out. I mean, Darkseid can’t be playing HeroClix right? Yep, I spent a bit too much time on that didn’t I? Well otherwise this issue seems to be summing up all the miniseries I haven’t read and don’t plan to. I’m just wondering when it’ll be revealed that the Monitor asked three questions there at the end and the answer isn’t for the one he thinks it’s for?
I rate this comic: A decent start but if the whole point is to get me to buy comics I’m not interested in I’m not going to stick it through.

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