Monday, May 28, 2007

Sales Results

Okay I sold less comics at the Great Glebe Garage Sale this year but made more money. I stuck to my guns and didn't take any offers along the lines of "I'll give you twenty bucks for the box." Sorry, I took forty last year for like 120 comics. Didn't make that mistake this year.

I made some kids really happy. They would show up with a dollar and ask to buy a comic and inevitably pick something like issue 3 or 4 from a miniseries. I'd either point them to something more kid friendly to make their parents happy or sell them the whole run. There was about an equal number of interested kids and adults this year. One kid bought ten bucks worth of comics, one of which was an issue of Last Planet Standing so I gave him the whole run. A medieval English professor had his young boys going through the box, and I gave the youngest one my stack of free comic book day stuff (minus Conan/Star Wars flip book from last year, although that probably would have worked for the dad) because his older brothers were ignoring his choices. There was a little girl who was maybe five who took my suggestion of Lions, Tigers and Bears but was a big fan of Superheroes - She bought one of my Infinite Crisis books, which I wasn't too keen on selling to someone so young but she was so darned cute the way she flipped through the whole box until she found the perfect superhero cover. Plus her dad was there so I figured it would be okay.

The only real disappointment is that a few series got broken up. Like I said above I only sold one issue of the whole run of Infinite Crisis, and the same with Identity Crisis, so those will be harder to get rid of I suppose.

The other really interesting thing is that about twice as many women stopped and looked through the comics as men, but more men ended up buying - except one woman who bought anything by Warren Ellis.

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