Friday, May 18, 2007

Wednesday’s Loot – 16 May 2007

Countdown #50
I actually didn’t mind the whole Jimmy Olsen bits, he’s the ultimate “suspension of disbelief” character. So, yeah, you’ve got to accept he knows about Jason Todd but not that the Joker’s daughter wasn’t really the Joker’s daughter. Otherwise, I was pretty much lost and this felt like the second issue that DC wanted me to start caring about characters and mini-series I don’t care about or want to buy. Also, that “I found Ray Palmer” advertisement makes me care even less about the series because Kingdom Come wasn’t exactly a favourite of mine.
I rate this series: I’ll give it two more weeks.

Batman #665
This is the kind of big stupid fun I like. My wife asked me what was happening and I had to explain that Batman’s son, Damian, was about to come back to haunt Batman in the next issue #666. She kind of looked confused and I jus said “it’s a long story.” Because, really, now the hell do you explain that to someone who knows the basics of Batman but not the continuity of Batman? At least she really likes Batman Begins and some of the Animated series she’s watched with me so explaining R’as and Talia won’t be totally impossible. Still, nobody does haunted Batman as well as Morrison whose also bringing some of his massive action from that JLA run to this title.
I rate this comic: Another good, if slightly disturbing, comic.

The Ultimates #13
I waited how long for this? I don’t think it was really worth it. Sure, an eight page fold out is nice and all but I’d have rather had each page drawn nicely instead of having some thumbnail sketches colored for a few pages. It’s too bad though, I was liking this up until this issue which just seemed rushed – which is unbelievably ironic in a very sad sad manner. There were many parts I liked – the Asgardian rainbow, Thor hammering out some justice, the Ultron date but for the most part this issue just made it easier to cancel the title on my pull list. I am wondering if that last panel is the start of Ultimate Winter Soldier, which seems a bit too soon. I’ll just wait for the internet to let me in on what’s happening in this book from now on.
I rate this comic: Should have been better.

Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #13
Who doesn’t like a tribute to The Attack of the 50-Foot Woman? This story feels like it was written in about ten minutes because there was simply no need to cut out anything or rewrite anything – it was just all gold. From Spider-Man giving an interview while being crushed, to everyone making fun of Hank Pym, to pretty much anything the Hulk and Wolverine said this comic is really one of the best things coming out these days.
I rate this Comic: One of three comics that I think are tops.

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