Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Last Wednesday’s Loot – 23 May 2007

Countdown #49
So the big secret is going to be that when the earths all split some people wound up on the wrong ones? Is that it? I can live with that but I’m still on the fence here. I think maybe I wanted and was expecting more than I got. It’s not really bad and I’m actually liking the mysteries being presented so I may give it two months at this point because I don’t think I can judge it yet. And when all is said and done, I am enjoying the read. Plus, I want to see if they can pull of a decent story with these characters. Thank you Paul Dini for bringing back Silver Age Jimmy.
I rate this comic: I have no idea how to rate this comic.

The Spirit #6
Now that was a definite change of pace wasn’t it? This was a nifty flight of fancy issue, something for which the original was also known for. While I enjoyed it, the pacing is much slower than the other issues and because of that I think it feels a bit less polished. Kind of like the jazz and punk it continuously alludes to. This is a very deliberate and probably much more meaty comic than on first read. I’d love to see the author’s notes to penetrate much more of the ideas and thematic references here.
I rate this comic: Still tops.

Godland #18
Yep, another issue of Godland and it’s as good as the rest.
I rate this comic: My one comic I stuck with.

Marvel Adventures: Iron Man

I love that is ends with Tony Stark saying “Is there a law against that?” The Marvel Adventures imprint is fast becoming my Marvel. I don’t mind stories for adults but I’ll gladly read comics aimed at a younger audience when they’re more fun and, frankly, better written. I’m not a huge Iron Man fan so it’s not like I’m getting a rehash of stories I’ve read before, this is me giving a book about a character I know little about a chance. And I love Action Philosophers so Fred van Lente is someone I’ll keep an eye out for. I’m glad I picked this up. It’s action packed, it has great characters, it has a great story, it’s written and drawn exceptionally clear, and all in all is a good technology superhero comic.
I rate this comic: Iron Great.

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