Monday, May 14, 2007

Chilling Milk

The Milkman Murders
Writer - Joe Casey
Artist - Steven Parkhouse

This is an interesting book to review. Yes it is good but it is good because it has some really disturbing imagery. And I don’t mean, women with impossibly freakish physiques but gutted animals and a mother on a murderous rampage.

The best way to describe this book is that it is a modern horror comic along the lines of Tales From the Crypt or any EC comic from before the comic code. The content is a bit more hardcore though dealing with the death and myth of the American Dream. It’s about the chilling content as much as it is about the idea that the dream is unattainable by most people no matter how hard we try to reach it. The milkman basically represents the way things used to be, and his actions push a borderline woman over the edge as the shade snaps up and reveals everything in a horribly honest light. The consequenses are quite disgusting but, honestly, up to that point there isn't a lot of beauty to any of the characters - they're all horrible.

This book is disturbing and chilling but good because of it. If you want a quick chill, this is the book for you.


Palladin said...

I guess it was almost two years ago that I recieved a black & white advance of the first issue of this series. It was a book that made me feel queasy after reading it. I also seem to remeber that the inspiration was the art work of John Wayne Gacy, the guy who was a clown that killed boys and stuffed them under his house. You are correct that it was creepy.

I passed it along and it never got reviewed back then for the site I was at, I could not reccomment the book because of the very things you stated. It is a very horrific book, so if you are like me, take to heart what was said here about the book. It would not be for every person's tatse in comics.

joncormier said...

Yeah it's a tough book, but it does manage to do something very few other books do. It actually manages to be horrific. It's not a happy read, it's quite disturbing, but that is the point. It certainly doesn't pull any punches.